Saturday, December 22, 2012

Female Artists I've Played on the Genetic Memory Radio Show

Here's a list of many of the female musicians/sound artists I've played on KTRU's Genetic Memory radio show (which is KTRU's experimental specialty show).  I only listed female solo artists and groups that are exclusively female.

This is only a partial list, because I've been doing the show for ages, but I wanted to come up with something quickly to help a friend who's working on a playlist for a radio program of his own.  I figured this was a reasonably good place to post it.

Alison Knowles
Ami Yoshida
Amy Denio
Anna Homler
Anne Gillis
Anne Heller
Annea Lockwood
Brigitte Fontaine
Can’t/Jessica Rylan
Catherine Christer Hennix
Catherine Jauniaux
Chie Mukai
Child Bride
Christina Carter
Christina Kubisch
Chubby Wolf
Cosey Fanni Tutti
Daphne Oram
Delia Derbyshire
Diane Labrosse
Diana Rogerson/Chrystal Belle Scrod
Donna Parker
Elaine Radigue
Ellen Fullman
Else Marie Pade
Esther Venrooy
Felicia Atkinson
Fovea Hex
Glynis Jones
Hayley Newman
Heather Leigh
Helena Espvall
Helene Sage
Ikue Mori
Inca Ore
Janet Cardiff
Jin Hi Kim
Joan La Barbara
Joelle Leandre
Julianna Barwick
Kaffe Matthews
Kali Fasteau
Kay Hoffman
Kukkiva Poliisi
Laetitia Sonami
Lau Nau
Laurie Spiegel
Lily Greenham
Limpe Fuchs
Linda Aubry Bullock
Liz Tonne
Lovely Midget
Maggi Payne
Maggie Nichols
Maja Ratkje/Fe-mail/Spunk
Mama Baer
Marielle V Jakobsons/Darwinsbitch/Myrmyr
Marina Abramovic
Marina Rosenfeld
Maryanne Amacher
Motion Sickness of Time Travel
Olivia Block
Orphan Fairytale
Pauline Oliveros
Peggy Awesh & Barbara Ess
People Like Us
Phantom Orchard
Polly Bradfield
Preggy Peggy &  The Lazy Babymakers
Runhild Gammelsaeter
Ruth Barker
Ruth White
Sachiko M
Sandy Ewen
Sarah Peebles
Shelley Hirsch
Stellar Om Source
Susan Alcorn
Susan Hiller
Susan Matthews
Susanne Lewis
Suzanne Ciani
Sylvia Hallett
The Lappetites
U.S. Girls
Vanessa Rossetto
Vava Kitora
Vikki Jackman
Zeena Parkins

(Photo is of Helene Sage, and is via Continuo.)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

another new blog?

in which i indulge my tendencies toward anglophilia and nostalgia in visual media, music, etc.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

fougou release now available at greengage sounds

we've revived our little record label and (finally!) released further from the centre of disturbance, a cd-r by fougou (brian lavelle & matt shaw) on may 1, 2012.  physical copies of the hand-made, numbered edition of sixty-four are available at the greengage sounds bandcamp site.

in addition, we're returning to our roots later this year with another lathe cut release.  we've just sent the masters to peter king (via antony milton) in new zealand, so expect a 7" lathe cut art edition by kyle bruckmann later this year.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a mix by dj gilliflower (i.e., me)

i began this mix in the summer of 2010 after hearing kemilliset ystävät’s “kun mina uppoan” (a non-album track included only on the kivikasan rauhassa ep) and glynis jones’ “schlum roomi” for the first time on the same day. to my ears, these tracks seemed to share a similarly strange yet innocent quality. i immediately imagined a small group of alien children who fell to earth and began to try and communicate in their unfamiliar—and often scary--surroundings. the mix, which i made quickly and instinctively, as I do a radio show, came to represent these beings’ journey of discovery. after letting the mix sit for several months, i made a few tweaks to the segues and track selection in november and december of 2010. it was shared with a few friends in early 2011 as new year's gifts, but i thought maybe a few more people might be interested to hear it.

i still enjoy listening to it, and i hope you do, too.

if you're wondering what's on the mix, click here (and then click again to enlarge) to see the full version of the game board shown above; it's a graphic representation of the musical "journey" taken in the mix. (there's also a good old-fashioned text file included, though, so don't worry.) many thanks to pilllpat/agence eureka for the original scan of the game board, which i shamelessly nicked from her ever astounding flickr.

edit: yikes! i noticed there are two tracks missing from the game board: track 5 should be: es – sadepäivät and track 7 should be belbury poly - pan's garden.  sorry! silly hidden layers...

AUGUST 2012 EDIT:  i originally posted this mix on a filesharing site, but it has since been taken down.  It's now up on Mixcloud here.  And the track listing is way easier to read.

Monday, August 8, 2011

more tumblrs (+ more radio coming soon)

just popping in to say that i've revived my original tumblr, tinsel matrix. there's no particular theme--i'm just posting things that feel "right" for it, including some music and video every so often. i don't post a ton of stuff, but i usually add a handful of things every day, and i'm getting a lot of enjoyment out of it for some crazy reason.

i've also created a third tumblr, an offering to loplop, inspired by max ernst's bird (or bird-like) alter ego. i suppose i do enjoy art that incorporates the heads of birds a bit more than the average girl.

since ktru's switch to internet & hd only, i've been recording almost all of my radio shows. although i'm known to make some silly mistakes on air at times, i don't think the shows sound half bad (if i do say so myself). so watch this space. for real this time.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

new tumblr / revived flickr / continued pinterest

i've started doing a tumblr of photos and scans of some (hopefully) visually interesting things around our house:

i'm also attempting to revive my flickr:

and i'm still pinning like a madwoman at my pinterest site:

(pictured above: a detail from a 1976 work by margaret webb dreyer - more info at my flickr: here.)