Sunday, October 17, 2010

radio playlist 17 october 2010, 10am-12 pm, ktru fm (rice university radio)

alasdair roberts
/ a lyke wake dirge [no earthly man] on the drag city label.
black to comm / jonathan [alphabet 1968] on the type label.
tex la homa / orange moon [into timeless shadows] on the acuarela label.

dara puspita / mabuk laut (sea sick) [1966-1968] on the sublime frequencies label.
soul vendors / get with it [clement "coxsone" dodd: musical fever, 1967-1968] on the trojan label.
deru / goodbye [say goodbye to useless] on the mush label.
alice cohen / liquid letters [walking up walls] on the olde english spelling bee label.
alain savouret / time is only a revolution [50 ans de musique electroacoustique] on the fondazione teatro massimo label.
hassle hound / cicada circle [born in a night] on the staubgold label.

the shalabi effect / harpie [unfortunately] on the alien8 label.
shirley collins & davey graham / nottamun town [folk roots, new routes] on the fledg'ling label.
family fodder / kisses [more great hits!] on the jungle label.
tatsuya nakatani / untitled [9] [abiogenesis] on the h&h label.
robert a.a. lowe & rose lazar / fantomoj de la vitro domo [eclipses] on the thrill jockey label.

low red center / olive shaped [low red center] on the s-s label.
josef k / sorry for laughing [the only fun in town] on the ltm label.
ivor cutler / squeeze bees [jammy smears] on the virgin label.
lau nau / lue kartalta [nukkuu] on the locust label.

mississippi sheiks / yodeling fiddling blues [american yodeling 1911-1946] on the trikont label.
ebo taylor / kwame [love and death] on the strut label.
volcano the bear / my favorite tongues [classic erasmus fusion] on the beta-lactum ring label.
greg davis / fennel and tangerine [divorce series vol. 5 [split 7"]] on the ache label.
a.r. & machines / i'll be your singer you be my song [die grune reise] on the tangram label.

sharon van etten / one day [epic] on the ba da bing label.
lower dens / holy water [twin hand movement] on the gnomonsong label.
lsd-march / my mother has killed me [under milk wood] on the important label.
seaworthy & matt rosner / meroo lake pt. 1 [two lakes] on the 12k label.
machine for making sense / observance 8 [the act of observation becomes the object itself] on the rossbin label.

sitt wedoudah al-manyalawiyyah (with sami al-shawa) / asmar helwah ya nas uhibuh (oh people! i love this dark-skinned one) [women of egypt, 1924-1931] on the topic label.
terry riley / music for the gift, pt. 2 [music for the gift/bird of paradise/mescalin mix] on the organ of corti label.
budos band / budos dirge [iii] on the daptone label.
ephram carter, j.w. jones, james jones & floyd bussey / old hen cackled, laid a double egg [travelling in the jungle] on the testament label.
richard youngs / fountain of light [river through howling sky] on the jagjaguwar label.


i haven't posted a playlist (or anything else) for a while now, but i did have quite a bit of fun on the air this morning, so i thought i'd slap this one up here. ktru is still on the air in houston, but our days are literally numbered unless we act now. to find out how you can help, visit