Tuesday, September 7, 2010

genetic memory radio playlist (1 hour), 6 september 2010, ktru rice university radio

richard youngs
/ mountain got so lonely [inceptor] on the volcanic tongue label.
charles curse / u-bolt / sombre noble anti-fuck [rain in skull] on the olde english spelling bee label.
ghedalia tazartes / la vie et la morte legendaires du spermatozoide humuch lardy [diasporas / tazartes] on the alga marghen label.
venus handcuffs [AKA corpses as bedmates] / birds fly out [venus handcuffs] on the ad hoc label.
sean mccann / gaslit statues [fable shop] on the cylindrical habitat modules label.
alessandro bosetti / restless (mandarin chinese) [zwolfzungen] on the sedimental label.
rotten piece / hoof and mouth [within the apparatus are pockets of quiet] on the fleece label.
orphan fairytale / phantom shapes [ladybird labyrinth] on the ultra eczema label.
dylan nyoukis / these throats your feathers [inside wino lodge] on the no fun productions label.
brian lavelle / i did not go outside [magdelena] on the diophantine label.
milk from cheltenham / our dictator [triptych of prisoners] on the alga marghen label.
andrew paine & richard youngs / third call to solomon [guide to music] on the sonic oyster label.
graham lambkin / jumpskins [salmon run] on the kye label.
storm bugs / aboulia [let's go outside and get it over] on the snatch tapes label.
volcano the bear / all the paint i can breathe [guess the birds] on the beta-lactam ring label.
kodama / wandering around inside of "ourea" we blew into the breathing of the stochastic rushing water / and once again, the mirror was too steamed to cross the voracious throat [turning leaf migrations] on the olde english spelling bee label.
jim copp & ed brown / the duck, the tiger, the shrimp and the owl [a fidgety frolic] on the playhouse label.
alastair galbraith / dances for the blind owl 2 [dances for the blind owl] on the la station radar label.
anna homler / e'sha ko'la kee'yo [house of hands] on the nd label.


tag-teamed last night's 3-hour genetic memory shift with austin caustic and hk. (the entire 3-hour playlist, in reverse order, is here. only my hour is posted above.) i did the middle hour. hk said it was like a neopolitan ice cream treat: austin (who went first) was the chocolate, i was the strawberry, and he (hk) was the vanilla. i asked hk if he minded being the vanilla, which suggests his hour was the blandest or most boring (which isn't true, of course). he said no. he said that vanilla serves a very important purpose with regard to the other flavors--i.e., it offsets/complements/enhances them. (i love vanilla ice cream, by the way.)

more freeform playlists coming soon, along with my first official mix, which is almost ready for posting. i just need a good visual to go along with it. working on that...

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