Thursday, February 17, 2011

genetic memory radio playlist by hk & nan, 14 february 2011, ktru rice university radio

i've been remiss in posting playlists. in fact, i've been quite remiss in my blogging duties in general. but i've been so inspired by several great blogs lately (particularly a sound awareness, toys & techniques and the dunwich radio podcast), i've just GOT to revive this thing. i have lots of wonderful things to share. i really do.

after a fabulous 5-course dinner at t'afia, hk and i pulled ourselves out of our respective food comas and went over to KTRU to create our monthly genetic memory radio program. we split our 3-hour timeslot 50/50. here is what we played:

hk's set:
brian lavelle / the red and the white [avalonian] on the apollolaan label.
richard youngs / sussex pond (don't go backwards and forth mix) [atlas of hearts] on the apollolaan label.
marcus fischer / cascadia obscura [monocostal] on the 12k label.
gareth davis and machinefabriek / part two [grower] on the sonic pieces label.
aghast / sacrifice [hexerei im zwielicht der finsternis] on the cold meat industry label.
seefeel / aug30 [seefeel] on the warp label.
andrew liles / part three [the progeny of flies] on the beta-lactam ring label.
dick raaijmakers (as dick raaymakers) / piano forte (1959-1960) [an anthology of noise and electronic music volume 6] on the sub rosa label.
mz 412 / salvo honoris morte [in nomine dei nostri satanas luciferi excelsis] on the cold spring label.
cube of force / eye of vecna [book of vile darkness] on the onyudo label.
andrew paine / the rest will follow [the rest will follow] on the self-released label.
henrik nordvargr bjorkk / a wilderness of cloades 5-6 [a wilderness of cloades] on the old europa cafe label.
stephan mathieu / schwarzschild radius - original mix [a static place] on the 12k label.
dead voices on air / eyes i dare not meet in dreams [from afar all stars spark and glee] on the lens label.
wil bolton / slate [time lapse] on the hibernate label.
xela / eve's reposte [the sublime] on the digitalis label.
troum / the self-playing ocean [mare idiophonika] on the tourette label.
soliloquy sun / ii [soliloquy sun] on the sonic oyster label.

nan's set:
æthanor / laudanum tusk [en form for bla] on the vhf label.
ruth white / lover's wine [flowers of evil] on the creel pone label.
ron geesin / u.f.o. [electrosound] on the glo-spot label.
nmperign & jason lescaleet / the mystery disease that haunts my town [love me two times] on the intransitive label.
louise huebner / the turkish bean spell for tender love [seduction through witchcraft] on the warner label.
anna homler / robot love song [house of hands] on the nd label.
quiet evenings / cabin incense [cascades] on the hooker vision label.
leafcutter john / palm reader [tunis] on the tsuku boshi label.
lionel marchetti / la visite des morts [red dust] on the crouton label.
sidney sager / start title [children of the stones soundtrack] on the unreleased label.
throbbing gristle / persuasion [20 jazz funk greats] on the grey area/mute label.
pedestrian deposit / east fork [east fork / north fork] on the monorail trespassing label.
vanessa rossetto / swim bladder [mineral orange] on the kye label.
tim hecker / midnight whispers [my love is rotten to the core] on the alien8 label.
es / she puts out the fire in her heart with her tears [a love cycle] on the fonal label.
catherine jauniaux & ikue mori / i fall in love too easily [vibraslaps] on the recrec label.
pierre raph / bruits et voix dans le cemetaire [the films of jean rollin] on the lucertola label.
chris watson / gahlitzerstrom [stepping into the dark] on the touch label.
monos / a place of voices [above the sky] on the icr label.
teiji ito / true love found [from "maeva"] [music for maya] on the tzadik label.
rolf julius / brazil [für einen kleinen see] on the because tomorrow comes label.
vava kitora / from the deep woods [the spinning song] on the there label.
tapa paha tapa / i love it [more arctic hysteria / son of arctic hysteria] on the love label.
pantaleimon / pure raw heart (cloisters) [re-imaginging by plinth] [heart of the sun] on the durto/jnana label.

thanks to this post @ a sound awareness for the excerpt from the children of the stones soundtrack (which is still unreleased). thanks, once again, to a journey round my skull (best eye candy ever), the source of the lovely fish-people artwork. here's the original post from whence it came.