Wednesday, December 15, 2010

genetic memory radio playlist (all 3 hours), 13 december 2010, ktru rice university radio

vava kitora
/ the spirit who knocks on the door [the spinning song] on the there label.
sugarconnection / untitled [track 2] [alien cakes] on the no mans land label.
vanessa rossetto / make good use of the ground [mineral orange] on the kye label.
alessandro bosetti / zahre [zwolfzungen] on the sedimental label.
john cage / radio music [fluxus anthology] on the anthology label.
people like us & wobbly / female convict [plus a little bit of "sardines" from people like us's "thermos explorer"] [music for the fire] on the illegal art label.
cassis cornuta / halo 10 [mag ik eens even in uw broek pissen?] on the ultra eczema label.
daphne oram / rockets in ursa major (except 1) [oramics] on the paradigm label.
of / ii [the quartz pool] on the jewelled antler label.
chris watson / ol-olool-o [weather report] on the touch label.
felix kubin / vogel ohne specht [echohaus] on the dekorder label.
andrew paine / lgb [thelordgodbird] on the (private pressing) label.
space weather / the weather's maiden [the weather's maiden] on the apollolaan label.
kuupuu / teen tulen tanaan [illusia] on the time-lag label.
philip sanderson / radium lab [seal pool sounds] on the seal pool label.
olivia block / mobius fuse, part 1 [last 11 min. or so] [mobius fuse] on the sedimental label.
silverman / this side of the door [time on thin ice] on the beta-lactum ring label.
current 93 / i have a special plan for this world [i have a special plan for this world] on the durtro label.
dead machines / dead end on olson street pt. 1 [dead end on olson street] on the ypsilanti label.
call back the giants / call back the giants [call back the giants] on the kye label.
chrystal belle scrodd / immanence [belle de jour] on the klanggalerie label.
teresa rampazzi / environ [musica endoscopica] on the die schachtel label.
pefkin / counting the leaves that tremble at dawn [zugunruhe] on the sound & fury label.
blood stereo / helium contract [the magnetic headache] on the bottrop boy label.
kemialliset ystävät / mestari ei väsy [ullakoppalo] on the fonal label.
lsd-march / kumoitachikumo [uretakumo nakunarutorika] on the beta-lactum ring label.
volcano the bear / planetary bethlehem [side b, excerpt] [planetary bethlehem] on the beta-lactum ring label.
ghédalia tazartès / six [antemortem] on the hinterzimmer label.
pietro grossi / modulzioni per michelangelo [combinatoria] on the die schachtel label.
monopoly child star seachers / waterfalls introduction [bamboo for two] on the olde english spelling bee label.
cosey fanni tutti / invisible whispers [mist while sleeping/invisible whispers] on the dirter promotions label.
joerg siegert & chorus of xii / viii [brain sound: an attempt to record coincidence] on the nero's neptune label.
runhild gammelsaeter / expanding the universe [amplicon] on the utech label.
maja s. k. ratkje / cyborgic [side a, excerpt] [cyborgic] on the last recording company label.
cyclobe / strix nebulosa [the visitors] on the phantom code label.
part wild horses mane on both sides / milky days [all cows are sacred] on the house of alchemy label.


image shameless pilfered from the continuously inspiring 'a journey round my skull' blog, which is now 50 watts.