Thursday, January 14, 2010

radio playlist, 9 january 2010, ktru fm (rice university radio)

alexander tucker and the decomposed orchestra / grey onion [grey onion] on the latitudes label.
the durutti column / sketch for winter [the return of the durutti column] on the factory once label.
broadcast / microtonics 09 [microtonics vol. 1] on the warp label.
john teo and the stylers / riding a trishaw around chinatown [singapore a-go-go] on the sublime frequencies label.

l'ensemble abricot / chongo [tumbele!: afro & latin sounds from the french caribbean] on the soundway label.
basil kirchin / plaques & tangles [charcoal sketches/states of mind] on the trunk label.
moniek darge / verbondenheid [soundies] on the kye label.
sun city girls / opium den [libyan dream] on the abduction label.
lloyd miller / gole gandom (version ii) [a lifetime in oriental jazz] on the jazzman label.

richard youngs / arise arise [under stellar stream] on the jagjauwar label.
paul giovanni / chop chop [the wicker man ost] on the silva label.
steve gunn / jadin's dream [boerum palace] on the three lobed label.
felix / what i learned from tv [you are the one i pick] on the kranky label.
true loving five / lord, hold my hand [fire in my bones] on the tompkins square label.

the pastels / something going on [wild summer, wow!] on the creation label.
negativland / four fingers [a big 10-8 place] on the seeland label.
haba haba group / sitogol #1 [folk and pop sounds of sumatra vol. 1] on the sublime frequencies label.
super som lord / br samba [black rio 2] on the strut label.
smegma / percrash [33 1/3] on the important label.

major stars / stop the fall [terrastock six] on the secret eye label.
alastair galbraith / portrait [morse and gaudylight] on the emperor jones/trance label.
courtis/moore / el sincio = silence oil [brokebox juke] on the no-fi label.
oneohtrix point never / woe is the transgression i [rifts] on the no fun productions label.
lucio menegon / rumors of success [sonic demons] on the edgetone records label.
kaa antilope / rise up helicopter, like a gird [coal heart for ever] on the sub rosa label.

tenor saw / ring the alarm [200% dynamite] on the soul jazz label.
fela kuti / suffering and smiling [the best of the black president] on the kalakuta sunrise label.
brion gysin / 3 permutations [revue ou] on the alga marghen label.
michael pisaro / sculpture for the blind [hearing metal 1] on the editions wandelweiser label.
raudive et al. / breakthrough 7" side a (excerpt) [the ghost orchid: an introduction to evp] on the parc label.
grouper / hold the way [grouper/roy montgomery split] on the root strata label.

don cherry and the jazz composer's orchestra / the queen of tung-ting lake [relativity suite] on the trio label.
om / meditation is the practice of death [god is good] on the drag city label.
the moles / treble metal [instinct] on the flydaddy label.
lucky dragons / take turns [rara speaks] on the maomoo label.
casey foubert /james mcalister / (c v. j v. x) + 1 [library catalog music volume 3: music for drums] on the asthmatic kitty label.
minny pops / dolphin's spurt [drastic measures, drastic movement] on the ltm label.

mattie delaney / tallahatchie river blues [mississippi masters] on the yazoo label.
the noc-a-bouts / jungle safari [heavy jelly: essential instrumentals] on the sub rosa label.
the son of p.m. / taloong jun loum [shadow music of thailand] on the sublime frequencies label.

dungen / mina damer och fasaner [4] on the kemado label.
locomotive gt / kergeskezu favagok [well hung] on the finders-keepers label.
sore eros / before animals [second chants] on the shdwply label.
john cale / the endless plain of fortune [paris 1919] on the rhino label.


favorite segues: most of the sets worked (segue-wise, as well as content-wise) in the first half of the show, but i lost a bit of my radio mojo as the program went on. i was pleased with the segue from om ---> the moles, however.

notes: i had forgotten how absolutely beautiful that alastair galbraith track truly is.

you are sleeping, you do not want to believe...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

radio playlist, 2 january 2010, ktru fm (rice university radio)

greg malcolm / chairman mao [some other time] on the kning disk label.
vladislav delay / musta planeetta [tummaa] on the leaf label.
the starlights / jingle jungle [psychoses freakoid (1963-1978)] on the mucho gusto label.
destroy all monsters / jungle cracker [74-76] on the compound annex label.
liquid liquid / bell head [successive reflexes] on the grand royal label.

the skygreen leopards / jehovah i surrender [jehovah i surrender] on the jagjaguwar label.
tyrannosaurus rex / deboraarobed [prophets, seers and sages: angels of the ages] on the universal label.
six organs of admittance / bar nasha [luminous night] on the drag city label.
shankar bhattacharyya and sri gourisankar / raag jog [ktru north indian musical concert '09] on the s/r label.

volcano the bear / the first circle is the eye [the volcanic society at the bear and bird parade] on the beta-lactum ring label.
p.m. pocket music / pama rum kwan [shadow music of thailand] on the sublime frequencies label.
diminished men / perro chino [shadow instrumentals] on the abduction label.
hillaire belloc / tarantella [the spoken word: poets] on the british library label.
aaron martin / sugar and dirt [chautauqua] on the preservation label.

black flowers / polly on the shore [i grew from a stone to a statue] on the bo'weavil label.
alex neilson & richard youngs / it's all waves [george ferguson mckeating] on the bells hill label.
shirley collins / hares on the mountain [sweet england] on the topic label.
islaja / sata naakkaa sitten [meritie] on the fonal label.
art ensemble of chicago / waltz [a jackson in your house/message to our folks] on the byg label.

broadcast & the focus group / the be colony [broadcast and the focus group investigate the witch cults of the radio age] on the warp label.
the bevis frond / in another year [bevis through the looking glass] on the woronzow label.
mehr pooya / ghabileh-ye lily [psych-funk 101 1968-1975 a global psychedelic funk curriculum] on the world psychedelic funk classics label.
the heptones / fattie fattie [when rhythm was king] on the heartbeat label.
daw bandon / bong ja bong [siamese soul: thai pop spectacular vol. 2 1960s-1980s] on the sublime frequencies label.

julian lynch / venom [orange you glad] on the olde english spelling bee label.
space weather / they turned left [space weather] on the space weather label.
spectre folk / dusty's rag [compass, blanket, lantern, mojo] on the arbitrary signs label.
the carter family / don't forget this song [my clinch mountain home] on the rounder label.
elfin saddle / sakura [ringing for the begin again] on the constellation label.
eyvind kang / hour of fair karma, pt. 1 [the story of iceland] on the tzadik label.

circle / ydinaukio [forest] on the ektro label.
yoga / warrior [megafauna] on the holy mountain label.
picchio dal pozzo / merta [prog is not a four-letter word] on the finders keepers label.
matthew welch / bagpipe quintet [luminosity] on the porter label.
tafo / karye pyar [the sound of wonder] on the finders keepers label.

boards of canada / telephasic workshop [music has the right to children] on the warp label.
bob cobbing / viva rabelais [the spoken word: bob cobbing] on the british library label.
supersilent / 2 [9] on the rune grammofon label.
alva / kill everyone [slattery for ungdom] on the menlo park label.
the vitamin b12 / untitled [track 2] [morgan's corner] on the ruby red label.
nudge / harmo [as good as gone] on the kranky label.
brian allen/tony malaby/tom rainey / expecade [synapse] on the braintone label.

beavers / koishite aishite [love, peace & poetry: japanese psychedelic music] on the normal label.
clogs / canon [lantern] on the brassland label.
group bombino / kamoutalia [guitars from agadez, vol. 2] on the sublime frequencies label.


favorite segues: i really enjoyed creating the set that started with boards of canada and ended with brian allen's ensemble, highlights being bob cobbing's delightfully unhinged "viva rabelais" (which includes source material for his collaboration with henri chopin on the classic miniatures album), alva's childlike homicidal choral piece, and brilliant stuff by the vitamin b12 (thanks, steviecat!).