Sunday, April 24, 2011

radio playlist, 24 april, 2011, 10am-12 pm, ktru fm (rice university radio)

richard youngs / come hear us now [(k-raa-k) festival] on the k-raa-k label.
this kind of punishment / the diary of hermann doubt [a beard of bees] on the ajax label.
fugu / f22 (géorhyque de zech) [fugu e.p.] on the semantic label.
the pretty things / she says good morning [s.f. sorrow] on the emi/snapper label.

ñico estrada y su sonora (feat. vicky zamora) / ven pa' mi casa [¡gózalo! bugalú tropical, vol. 1] on the vampi soul label.
moondog / why spend a dark night with me [moondog 2 (1971)] on the cbs label.
the magnetic fields / you love to fail [the wayward bus] on the popup label.
volcano the bear / burnt seer [amidst the noise and twigs] on the beta-lactum ring label.
this heat / a new kind of water [deceit] on the these label.

man city lion / nah anad [siamese soul: thai pop spectacular, vol. 2] on the sublime frequencies label.
anna homler / oo'na to'ye [macaronic sines] on the lowlands label.
kemialliset ystävät / utuaurat [kellari juniversumi] on the fonal label.
fougou / oculus [reversed dreams of this nature] on the ikuisuus label.
bob cobbing / are your children safe in the sea? [the spoken word: early recordings 1965-1973] on the british library label.
psychic tv / orchids [dreams less sweet] on the some bizzare label.

rosa lee hill / bullying well [been here all my days] on the mississippi label.
alastair galbraith / portrait [morse/gaudylight] on the xeric/table of the elements label.
wolf people / silbury sands [steeple] on the jagjaguwar label.
ersen / gunese don cicegem [ersen] on the finders keepers label.
pudding / magic bus [rubble six: the clouds have groovy faces] on the bam caruso label.

the fall / the man whose head expanded [totally wired: the rough trade anthology] on the rough trade/castle label.
barbara manning / mark e. smith & brix [scissors] on the heyday label.
omar khorshid / wadil mulul (valley of the kings) [guitar el chark] on the sublime frequencies label.
ghost / who found a lost rose in the warship? [lama rabi rabi] on the drag city label.
the dentists / the little engineer's set [some people are on the pitch they think it's all over it is now] on the spruck/rev-ola label.
wire / mannequin [pink flag] on the pink flag label.

alasdair roberts / you muses assist [spoils] on the drag city label.
klimperei / les lapins dans la lune [tout seul sur la plage en hiver] on the in-poly-sons label.
dolly mixture / never let it go [demonstration tapes] on the royal mint label.
ivor cutler / cockadoodledon't [ludo] on the rev-ola label.
the friendly science orchestra / sutekina sora o [miniature album 7"] on the friendly science enregisterments label.

boards of canada / sixtyten [music has the right to children] on the warp/skam label.
belbury poly / caermaen [the willows] on the ghost box label.
forest / graveyard [the full circle] on the harvest/zap! label.
nick drake / fly [bryter layter] on the hannibal label.
young marble giants / wurlitzer jukebox [colossal youth] on the rough trade label.
abner jay / my mule [true story of abner jay] on the mississippi label.

can / sing swan song [ege bamyasi] on the spoon label.


here's the playlist for my last broadcast on 91.7 fm at ktru. despite a significant effort from students/alumni/listeners to block the sale of the 91.7 frequency and transmitter to the university of houston, the fcc recently approved the transfer, and ktru will no longer be broadcast on 91.7 fm after 6 am (CST) april 28, 2011. ktru will continue to broadcast via (streamable online and via several mobile devices) and via hd radio @ kpft hd 2.

for this special show, i selected several of my favorite bands and tracks and gave them one last spin on the houston airwaves. the selection is more song-oriented than my usual freeform shows, but with the temporary relinquishment of playlist requirements, i decided to take the opportunity to put together a show that was very, well...very me.

i got an enthusiastic call about the anna homler track, which made me very happy, because the caller's reaction mirrored my own when the song was first introduced to me by my fabulous friend dan plunkett (creator of nd magazine and co-proprietor of end of an ear records in austin, texas) sometime in the mid-to-late 90s. i also have dan to thank for introducing me to this heat's "a new kind of water". he first played it for me in his original record shop (the late, great 33 degrees in austin), and it was an unforgettable experience.

we attempted to make a digital recording of the show, but due to microphone issues (i.e., tons of static in the microphone), it's virtually unlistenable during the talksets (which overlap with the music on most occasions). i thoroughly enjoyed the music, though, and i WILL make a mix of these songs to share with friends & listeners soon. i just need to decide if i want to do a segued, music-only mix or a podcast with some commentary about the tracks played.

anyway, i'll continue to dj at ktru--and reach out to others electronically through music--for at least a little while longer. so stay tuned. (just not on fm anymore.)

image cribbed from this page at the always excellent 50 watts (formerly a journey round my skull) blog.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

genetic memory radio playlist (1 hour by nan), 11 april 2011, ktru rice university radio

/ mirage [mirage] on the important label.
chora / glasgeblase [the wax wheel] on the zero jardins label.
leonard emmanuel / hoot owl fight / mocking a fox / a cornered 'coon [hollerin'] on the rounder label.
stewart walden / mmmmorning [agdam compilation] on the agdam label.
derek rogers / signal space 1 [triagonals] on the ruralfaune synth series label.
susan matthews / mbox2 [temporal echoes] on the sirenwire label.
the compass rose / the plough horse [the plough horse] on the ekhein label.
asmus tietchens / weiter nicht [aus freude am elend] on the dom/die stadt label.
conrad schnitzler & wolfgang seidel / espana [consequenz ii] on the captain trip label.
christina carter / a blind eye [texas blues working] on the blackest rainbow label.
ariel kalma / le temps des moissons [le temps des moissons] on the beta-lactum ring label.
akemi ishijima / time drops [time drops] on the paradigm label.
m. holterbach & julia eckhardt / two stasis made out of electricity [do-undo (in g maze)] on the helen scarsdale agency label.
kahondo style / peach boy [green tea and crocodiles] on the nato label.
michel chion, lionel marchetti & jérôme noetinger / i'm dracula [les 120 jours] on the fringes label.
innercity / untitled [last year of obsolete reality] on the amnesia agency label.
demons / tropical depression [in between] on the aa label.
parashi / a surrender [troika] on the stunned label.
paul de vree / kleine caroli [henri chopin's revue ou] on the alga marghen label.
jean c. roché & jean thevenet / martinique, january 1969 [cicadas & crickets] on the sittelle label.
k11 / pietro riparbelli & philippe petit / chapter 3: doppelganger presence [the haunting triptych] on the boring machines label.
lily greenham / seascape [lingual music] on the paradigm label.


these were the sound materials for the hour programmed by me (the first third of the show). there was some excerpting of tracks (but not much) and a lot of overlapping/layering. if you'd like to hear to the music mix (just a continuous music mix--no on-air announcements or anything), you can grab it here.

the entire radio show playlist (in reverse chronological order and including hk's choices, too) is at ktru's site: here.

image cribbed from the endlessly fascinating 50 watts blog, probably from one of the posts from livre de la sante.