Friday, April 16, 2010

genetic memory radio playlist, 12 april 2010, ktru rice university radio

dylan nyoukis and jaap blonk / ballerman (pause take) [dubbeltwee] on the ecstatic peace! label.
ghédalia tazartès / untitled [track 12] [repas froid] on the tanzprocesz label.
étant donnés / le soleil, la mer, le coeur et les étoiles [l'autre rive / le sens positif] on the staalplaat label.
richard youngs & andrew paine / voidprint [roman concrete: volume i] on the sonic oyster label.
audrey chen & robert van heumen / bloodknot [abattoir] on the evil rabbit label.
child bride / rabbit moon [reflections on prism city] on the blackest rainbow label.
joji yuasa / aoi no ue (extract) [aoi no ue] on the edition omega point label.
john hegre / ka [the comfort of objects] on the [ohm] label.
unknown singers/speakers-in-tongue / pentecost community, oklahoma [okkulte stimmen - mediale musik: recordings of unseen intelligences] on the supposé label.
metal rouge / love, awaken [three for malachi ritscher] on the root strata label.
l.o.s.d. / part 2 [mort aux vaches] on the staalplaat label.
pierre yves macé / la pratique quotidienne de l'utopie [passagenweg] on the broccoli label.
the caretaker / you and the night [selected memories from the haunted ballroom] on the v/vm test label.
black to comm / rauschen [alphabet 1968] on the type label.
duncan cameron / journey [a horseback ride to the temple of montu] on the tanzprocesz label.
anne gillis / commentaraportion [rementact] on the rangehen label.
brendan murray and seth nehil / clothes tear [sillage] on the sedimental label.
alistair crosbie / wave 7, wave 8, wave 9 [this quiet house (the lonesome age of mirrors - volume 1)] on the lefthand pressings label.
xenis emputae tavelling band / rorasa [the pyrognomic glass] on the memoirs of an aesthete label.
robert hampson / ahead - only the stars [vectors] on the touch label.
coum transmissions / welcome to the alien camp [the sound of porridge bubbling] on the dais label.
marina rosenfeld / the conversation [plastic materials] on the room40 label.
von himmel / astronomer [space communion] on the sloow tapes label.
a handful of dust / masonic inborn (parts 2 & 3) [killing capitalism with kindness] on the turbulence/xpressway label.
seht & stelzer / untitled [track 4] [exactly what you lost] on the intransitive label.
stahlgren & ferguson / void: stereotype plus - polarity ink squash [printing with magnetic inks] on the hot air label.


my portion (roughly an hour and 40 minutes' worth) of the genetic memory radio program on ktru.

as hk's curated blend of lush drones was drawing to a close with "ione" from oliveros, dempster & panaiotis' "deep listening" cd, i started in with some strange vocal sounds, warped ballroom melodies, ritual atmospheres, and transmissions from outer space.

as usual, this was one continuous mix, with several tracks blending with/overlapping each other.

radio playlist 10 april 2010, ktru fm (rice university radio)

bird show band / quintet two [bird show band] on the amish records label.
guanaco / sky burial [sky burials] on the blackest rainbow label.
peter broderick / untitled #2 [four track songs] on the type label.

papa san / money a fe circle [dancehall 2] on the soul jazz label.
amos & sara / steel clear of england [the recommended sampler 1982] on the rer label.
fire engines / new thing in cartons [hungry beat] on the acute label.
lsd-march / tatamikomo [uretakumo nakunarutorika] on the beta-lactum ring label.
acid mothers temple & the melting paraiso u.f.o. / hallelujah mystical garden [are we experimental?] on the prophase label.
aaron martin / ice melts onto fingers [worried about the fire] on the experimedia label.
richard skelton / voice of the book [landings] on the type label.

joshua burkett / watching the darkness [where's my hat?] on the time-lag label.
hedzoleh soundz / edinya benya [ghana special: modern highlife afro-sounds & ghanaian blues 1968-81] on the soundway label.
patrice sciortino / berceuse du soleil [les cyclopes] on the a chardin label.
gal costa / pais tropical [gal] on the dusty groove label.
39 clocks / past tense hope & instant fears on 42nd [zoned] on the de stijl label.
dokaka / minato zake [human interface] on the dual plover label.
paavoharju / kevatrumpu [laulu laakson kukista] on the fonal label.

lim ling and the silvertones / where is the lady [singapore a-go-go] on the sublime frequencies label.
broadcast / poem of dead song [extended play two] on the warp label.
anchiskhati choir / alilo [polyphonic voices of georgia] on the world audio foundation label.
emeralds / fresh air, pt. 1 [fresh air] on the soundesign label.
deux / game & performance [the minimal wave tapes volume one] on the stones throw label.
mount vernon arts lab / scooby don't [e for experimental] on the ochre label.

witch / black tears [lazy bones!] on the normal label.
monks / complication [black monk time] on the light in the attic label.
twinsistermoon / perchta [levels and crossings] on the digitalis label.
kevin drumm / imperial horizon (extract) [imperial horizon] on the hospital label.
pengo / trans-love abattoir [a nervous splendor] on the haoma label.
woody sullender & seamus cater / the edge of a squall [when we get to meeting] on the dead ceo label.
lubos fiser / brother and sister [valerie and her week of wonders ost] on the b-music/finders keepers label.

bonnie 'prince' billy and the cairo gang / troublesome houses [the wonder show of the world] on the drag city label.
anne briggs / the snow it melts the soonest [a collection] on the topic label.
tape / star skid [milieu] on the hapna label.
circulasione totale orchestra / dancing in st. johan's iv, part 2 [bandwidth] on the rune grammofon label.
whitefield brothers / lullaby for lagos [black man's cry - the influence of fela kuti] on the now again label.

boduf songs / this one is cursed [boduf songs] on the kranky label.
brothers of the occult sisterhood / seraphim [molten strings, train wrecks, and birdsong] on the students of decay label.
pauline oliveros / horse sings from cloud [the wanderer] on the important label.
pandit jasraj / ram ko sumir kar: khayal darbari vilambit (ektaal) (extract) [musical homage to guru] on the hmv india label.
carter tutti / it was [feral vapours of the silver ether] on the cti label.
ducktails / horizon [ducktails] on the not not fun label.

getatchew mekuria & the ex / eywat setenafegagn [moa anbessa] on the terp label.
kyle bruckmann / rasps & fractures [gasps and fissures] on the 482 music label.
faust / lauft heisst das en lauft oder es kommt bald...lauft (alternate version) [faust iv] on the virgin label.
pan sonic & keiji haino / untitled 4 [shall i download a blackhole and offer it to you] on the blast first (petite) label.
nuno canavarro / bruma [plux quba] on the moikai label.
andreas martin / wurstfinger [lebenserinnerungen eines lepidopterus] on the robot label.
islaja / haikea, kirkas [meritie] on the fonal label.
shawn david mcmillen / noon [catfish] on the tompkins square label.
alastair galbraith / something happened [orb] on the nextbestway label.

daniel padden / full colour lemon [pause for the jet] on the dekorder label.
sun ra & his myth science arkestra / angels and demons at play [angels and demons at play / the nubians of plutonia] on the evidence label.
kreng / het wordt ouder [l'autopsie phenomenale de dieu] on the miasmah label.
ursula bogner / begleitung fur tubal [recordings 1969-1988] on the faitiche label.
kuni kawachi & his group / like a concert of angels [love suki daikirai] on the walhalla label.
leichtmetall / au bord de la seine [wir sind blumen] on the karaoke kalk label.

Friday, April 9, 2010

radio playlist, 3 april 2010, ktru fm (rice university radio)

damon & naomi / judah & the maccabees [damon & naomi with ghost] on the sub pop label.
sir alick & the phaser / nursery chymes [astral glamour] on the hyped 2 death label.
espers / sightings [iii] on the drag city label.
kable / tardy all the time [tardy all the time] on the fleece label.
memphis minnie / where is my good man at? [memphis moaners] on the yazoo label.

gnonnas pedro et ses panchos / okpo videa bassouo [legends of benin] on the analog africa label.
boards of canada / telephasic workshop [music has the right to children] on the warp label.
omar khorsid / arrabia'h (the spring) [guitar el chark] on the sublime frequencies label.
greg davis / all things change [musique pour statues menhirs] on the arbouse label.

festival / zebulon [come, arrow, come!] on the language of stone label.
elodie lauten / andante cantabile (from concerto for piano and orchestral memory, 1984) [piano works revisited] on the unseen worlds label.
klimperei / adieu la maison [tout seul sur la plage en hiver] on the in-poly-sons label.
esp summer / on you [esp summer] on the perdition plastics label.
ivor cutler / my little black buzzer [velvet donkey] on the virgin label.

joanna newsom / kingfisher [have one on me] on the drag city label.
brigitte fontaine & areski / la tete bandee [l'incendie] on the get back label.
the a. lords / toypiano balalaika [the a. lords] on the barl fire label.
yellow swans / limited space [going places] on the type label.
a hawk and a hacksaw / vasalisa carries a flaming skull through the forest [delivrance] on the leaf label.
nicolae nemes & gheorghe cernescu / briu si sirba din cornereva [roumanie: la vraie tradition de transylvanie] on the ocora label.

plagal grind / midnight blue vision [plagal grind] on the xpressway label.
omit / din shader [tracer] on the helen scarsdale agency label.
young marble giants / wurlitzer jukebox [colossal youth] on the domino label.
les kings / oriza [tumbele] on the soundway label.
lizzy mercier descloux / jim on the move [press color] on the ze label.
between / primary-stage [einsteig] on the wergo label.
esplendor geometrico / moscu esta helado [the minimal wave tapes volume one] on the stones throw label.

the child readers / son of a man [music heard far off] on the soft abuse label.
pigeons / oubli [lunettes] on the soft abuse label.
the conet project / three note oddity [the conet project: recordings of shortwave numbers stations] on the irdial label.
rick reed / the fiery sound of light (extract) [a cleansing ascension] on the elevator bath label.
fns / dream [fns] on the miasmah label.
ramesh / sharm-e boos-e [pomegranates] on the finders keepers label.
cluster / halwa [sowiesoso] on the bureau b label.

the young tradition / lyke wake dirge [anthems in eden] on the sanctuary label.
belbury poly / the willows [the willows] on the ghost box label.
charles curse / this town is dry [rain in skull] on the olde english spelling bee label.
sam spence / ice glaze [sam spence sounds] on the finders keepers label.
richard youngs / the bells of spring [under stellar stream] on the jagjauwar label.

bill johnson's louisiana jug band / take the "l" on down the road [down in the basement: joe bussard's treasure trove of vintage 78s, 1926-1937] on the old hat label.
teiji ito / dwightiana [music for maya] on the tzadik label.
philippe lauzier & pierre-yves martel / sepik [sainct laurens] on the & records label.
richard skelton / green withins brook [landings] on the type label.
the pyramids / birth/speed/merging [music of idris ackamoor 1971-2004] on the em label.

fabio orsi & gianluca becuzzi / blue drones for a ballad (part one) [the stones know everything] on the digitalis label.


once again, original image from the excellent a journey round my skull blog

radio playlist, 27 march 2010, ktru fm (rice university radio)

ghost / daggma [snuffbox immanence] on the drag city label.
john butcher / a short time to sing [the geometry of sentiment] on the emanem label.
factums / me sing [alien native] on the siltbreeze label.
obeng ungu and jalan buntu with group uang wayang of palembang / maaf! bukan suling-suling [1951: sumantran ladies wearing hats as outlawed by government] on the hot air label.
the thai orchestra / untitled [track 6] [the thai orchestra] on the mississippi label.

mi and l'au / they marry [mi and l'au] on the young god label.
alessandro bosetti / fumatore non fumatore [her name] on the crouton label.
os mutantes / adeus maria fulo [os mutantes] on the omplatten label.
mapstation / mchiki cha [the africa chamber] on the ~scape label.
james knight and the butlers / funky cat [miami sound: rare funk and soul from miami] on the soul jazz label.
silver sand / kaw-liga [thai beat a go-go vol. 1] on the subliminal sounds label.

the child readers / infant wings [music heard far off] on the soft abuse label.
annea lockwood / wine glass [early works 1967-1982] on the em label.
joanna newsom / jackrabbits [have one on me] on the drag city label.
markos vamvakaris / the lifer [mortika: recordings from a greek underground] on the canary label.
flaming tunes / beguiling the hours [flaming tunes] on the life and living label.
the advisory circle / everyday electronics [other channels] on the ghost box label.
john baker / look and read [the john baker tapes volume one: bbc radiophonics rare and unreleased workshop recordings 1963-1974] on the trunk label.

mohammad nouri / biya bar-e safar bandim [pomegranates] on the finders keepers label.
jacques berrocal / dominique coster / roger ferlet / leila concerto [musiq musique] on the futura/fractal label.
lone ranger / m16 [dancehall] on the soul jazz label.
inuit vocal game singers / pirqusiqtuk [inuit du caribou, netsilik et igloolik] on the ocora label.
eric la casa / do you speak bees? [zone sensible 2/ dundee 2] on the room 40 label.
anchiskhati choir / alilo ver. 2 [polyphonic voices of georgia] on the world audio foundation label.

the goner / heaven send you love [behold a new traveler] on the deep water acres label.
van shipley / ghar ki murgi [bollywood steel guitar] on the sublime frequencies label.
nurse with wound / nana or a thing of uncommon nonsense [automating vol. one] on the united dairies label.
oneohtrix point never / eyeballs [rifts] on the no fun productions label.
der plan / 4 stapfen im schnee [geri reig / normalette surprise] on the ata tak label.
the one ensemble / horsehead waltz [wayward the fourth] on the secret eye label.

galaxie 500 / cheese and onions [uncollected galaxie 500] on the ryko label.
ersen / kozan dagi [ersen] on the finders keepers label.
the lines / white night [memory span] on the acute label.
white magic / the light [dat rosa mel apibus] on the drag city label.
topmost / the end [psychedelic phinland] on the love label.
myrmyr / baltic winds [the amber sea] on the digitalis label.

harmonia / kekse [deluxe] on the brain/lilith label.
vert [remixing louis moholo & stan tracey] / all these things i know [new thing at novara] on the sonig records label.
chris corsano / how should you throw it on other occasions? [the young cricketer] on the family vineyard label.
the monks / shut up [black monk time] on the infinite zero label.
dungen / stock och sten [stadsvandringar] on the subliminal sounds label.
simeon jacob / ashir lael [shir hodu - jewish song from bombay] on the renair label.

appendix out / the seven widows (the sprigs of night) [the night is advancing] on the drag city label.
13th floor elevators / reverberation (doubt) [the psychedelic sounds of...] on the decal label.
om / cremation ghat i [god is good] on the drag city label.
ian hawgood / sulci [snow roads] on the dragon's eye label.


original image from the excellent a journey round my skull blog