Monday, August 8, 2011

more tumblrs (+ more radio coming soon)

just popping in to say that i've revived my original tumblr, tinsel matrix. there's no particular theme--i'm just posting things that feel "right" for it, including some music and video every so often. i don't post a ton of stuff, but i usually add a handful of things every day, and i'm getting a lot of enjoyment out of it for some crazy reason.

i've also created a third tumblr, an offering to loplop, inspired by max ernst's bird (or bird-like) alter ego. i suppose i do enjoy art that incorporates the heads of birds a bit more than the average girl.

since ktru's switch to internet & hd only, i've been recording almost all of my radio shows. although i'm known to make some silly mistakes on air at times, i don't think the shows sound half bad (if i do say so myself). so watch this space. for real this time.