Saturday, December 26, 2009

radio playlist, 26 december 2009, ktru fm (rice university radio)

alasdair roberts
/ the cruel mother [no earthly man] on the drag city label.
tama somio & omega / azt mondta az anyukám [well hung] on the finders-keepers label.
the clientele / graven wood [bonfires on the heath] on the merge label.
no-neck blues band / natural bridge [sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me] on the sound@one label.
dock boggs / danville girl [country blues] on the revenant label.

el rego et ses commandos / e nan mian nuku [legends of benin] on the analog africa label.
soul swingers / ca'-ba'dab' [wheedle's groove : seattle's finest in funk & soul 1965-1975] on the light in the attic records label.
shin jung hyun & the men (feat. jang hyun) / twilight [forge your own chains] on the now-again label.
ilk / carillon [the continuing saga of the visiting kitten] on the sonic dust label.
f.t. marinetti & aldo giuntini / sintesi musicali futuristiche [musica futurista: the art of noises] on the ltm label.
demdike stare / extwistle hall [symbiosis] on the modern love label.
circulasione totale orchestra / 3.3 [bandwidth] on the rune grammofon label.

salak silathong / sung nang [siamese soul: thai pop spectacular vol. 2 1960s-1980s] on the sublime frequencies label.
jean claude vannier / l'enfant la mouche et les allumettes [l'enfant assassin des mouches] on the b-music/finders keepers label.
avey tare / crumbling land [split series 9-16] on the fat cat label.
moniek darge / sand [soundies] on the kye label.
bass communion / pacific codex 1 [pacific codex] on the equation label.
expo 70 / your beard is growing psychic [sonic messenger] on the beta-lactum ring label.
panaswing / me lo dijo una gitana [panama!3: calypso panameno, guajira jazz & cumbia tipica on the isthmus 1960-75] on the soundway label.

amen dunes / castles [dia] on the locust label.
eric copeland / auto dimmer [alien in a garbage dump] on the paw tracks label.
svarte greiner / the boat was my friend [knive] on the type label.
mulatu astatke & the heliocentrics / phantom of the panther [inspiration information, vol. 3] on the strut label.
naftule brandwein's orchestra / turkische yalle vey uve (tanz) [klezmer: early yiddish intstrumental music: the first recordings, 1908-1927] on the arhoolie label.
maher shalal hash baz / sendai city [c'est la derniere chanson] on the k label.

taj mahal travellers / ii [august 1974] on the p-vine label.
anduin / octogonal forms [abandoned in sleep] on the smtg label.
white rainbow / major spillage [new clouds] on the kranky label.
im jahrtal / reprise iii [reprisen und instrumentalstuecke] on the sloow tapes label.
frank fairfield / to the sweet sunny south [frank fairfield] on the tompkins square label.

ooioo / o o i a h [armonico hewa] on the thrill jockey label.
mark iii trio / good grease [heavy jelly - essential instrumentals] on the sub rosa label.
houghas sorowonko / enuanom adofo [ghana special: modern highlife, afro-sounds & ghanian blues 1968-81] on the soundway label.
etienne jaumet / mental vortex [night music] on the domino label.
oneohtrix point never / months [rifts] on the no fun productions label.
the upsetters / soul constitution [upsetters a go go] on the heartbeat label.

linda yong and the silvertones / good luck in the new year [singapore a-go-go] on the sublime frequencies label.
jacques berrocal / dominique coster / roger ferlet / pieces a lanam [musiq musik] on the fractal label.
myrmyr / jurata [the amber sea] on the digitalis label.
oren ambarchi / intimidator [intermission 2000-2008] on the touch label.
spontaneous music ensemble / karyobin pt. 3 [karyobin] on the chronoscope label.

anna homler, with geert waegeman & pavel fajt / m'bo ye ye [macaronic sines] on the lowlands label.

radio playlist, 19 december 2009, ktru fm (rice university radio)

evan camaniti
/ ice marg [digging the void] on the students of decay label.
mulatu astatke quartet / shagu [new york - addis - london] on the strut label.
edson / bobeira [black rio 2] on the strut label.
damon & naomi / memories [more sad hits] on the shimmy disc label.
six organs of admittance / acteon's fall (against the hounds) [luminous night] on the drag city label.

kiila / kehotuslaulu [tuota tuota] on the fonal label.
biota / wire talker [tumble] on the rer label.
sandy denny / blackwaterside [the north star grassman & the ravens] on the island label.
a. kostis / in the basement [mourmourika: songs of the greek underworld 1930-1955] on the rounder label.
neokarma jooklo trio / strange land [time's vibes] on the conspiracy label.

katherine young / terra incognita [further secret origins] on the porter label.
sebastien roux & vincent epplay / kool bottoms [concatenative mu] on the brocoli label.
graham lambkin / softly softly [softly softly, copy copy] on the kye label.
mirrored silver sea / flowers of eden [continual ascension] on the sound & fury label.
pastels & tenniscoats / so many stars [two sunsets] on the domino label.
ivor cutler / i had a little boat [ludo] on the rev-ola label.

joe gibbs & the professionals / treasure dub [african dub all-mighty, chapter 1] on the crazy joe label.
joseph spence / diamond on earth [happy all the time] on the hannibal label.
jack rose / red horse [wooden guitar] on the locust label.
reverend roger l. worthy & his sister bonnie woodstock / get back satan [fire in my bones] on the tompkins square label.
richard youngs / cluster to a star [under stellar stream] on the jagjaguwar label.

orchestre yaya mas / rampa rampa [africa boogaloo: the latinization of west africa] on the honest jon's label.
vern blair debate / super funk [texas funk: black gold from the lone star state 1968-1975] on the now-again label.
stella / j'achete des disques americains [stella: la collection sixties des ep's francais] on the magic label.
mei feng with tony and the polar bear five / secretly love you [singapore a-go-go] on the sublime frequencies label.
shogun kunitoki / riddarholmen [vinonaamakasio] on the fonal label.
rameses iii / the kindness of letting go [i could not love you more] on the type label.
super minerals / the view [multitudes] on the digitalis label.

silver summit / in-between place [silver summit] on the language of stone label.
sun city girls / blood clear [high asia & lo-pacific] on the abduction label.
smagul unbetbaev / zholdy konyr [music of kazakhstan] on the king record co. label.
molly berg & stephen vitiello / kora [the gorilla variations] on the 12k label.
nudge / harmo [as good as gone] on the kranky label.

sic alps / clarence [skulls without borders] on the siltbreeze label.
st. peter & the holymen / bofoo beye abowa den [ghana special] on the soundway label.
daniel padden & sarah kenchington / the ice house [the bellow switch] on the shadazz label.
maher shalal hash baz / more errors [c'est la derniere chanson] on the k label.
daniel johnston / ghost of our love [continued story / hi how are you: the unfinished album] on the eternal yip eye label.
sangthong seesai / kam kao [thai funk zudrangma vol. 2] on the zudrangma label.
his name is alive / country girl [stars on esp] on the 4ad label.
shoukichi kina / iyunu-pri [peppermint tea house] on the luaka bop label.

theo angell / wakeling [tenebrae] on the amish label.
oneohtrix point never / behind the bank [rifts] on the no fun productions label.
elfin saddle / the bringer [ringing for the begin again] on the constellation label.

genetic memory radio playlist, 14 december 2009, ktru fm (rice university radio)

andrew liles
/ ether reel [my long accumulating discontent] on the nextera label.
starving weirdos / cypress groves [father guru] on the azul discografica label.
andre almuro / mantra 107 [musiques experimentales] on the disques ades / creel pone label.
nurse with wound [**request**] / mourning smiles [drunk with the old man of the mountains] on the jnana label.
israel quellet / pour orgue, voix [soni sclavus] on the sub rosa label.
rudi arapahoe / vulture phantasy [echoes from one to another] on the symbolic interaction label.
brian lavelle / star temple of avalon [avalonian] on the apollolaan label.
the blue tree / church of wattle [the blue tree] on the blackest rainbow label.
brian lavelle & andrew paine / hbdp [the continuing saga of the visiting kitten] on the sonic dust label.
john davis / imagined occasions [there's always tomorrow] on the students of decay label.
richard youngs / you don't [sleep deprivation 7"] on the five minute association label.
kuupuu / pollon pentu [lumen tadhen] on the time-lag label.
peter hammill / the moebius loop [loops and reels] on the fie! label.
africa germany germany mexico turkey australia / neglected harem [africa germany germany mexico turkey australia] on the olde english spelling bee label.
tom fazzini / yawnings in the awnings [neck to neck] on the locust label.
maciunas ensemble / bottled voices [number made audible] on the het apollohuis label.
bokar rimpoche / mahakala ceremony [sacred chants & tibetan rituals from the monastery of mirik] on the sub rosa label.
arrington de dionyso / mani malaikat window [malaikat dan singa] on the k label.
noveller / white rabbit [colorful disturbances] on the divorce label.
diane labrosse, ikue mori & martin tetrault / lactea via [ile bizarre] on the ambiances magnetiques label.
mama baer / alcoholisme - brut 2 [amerikanische poesie und alkoholismus] on the feeding tube label.
part wild horses mane on both sides / grapes engraved [bataille de battle] on the singing knives label.
bright duplex / the lady is waiting [strawberry trust] on the thor's rubber hammer label.
deux filles / tongues [double happiness] on the samphire label.
evan miller / marvel of creatures and strange things existing [transfigurations on lap-steel guitar] on the arbor label.
bhob rainey & ralf wehowsky / re: hi! [i don't think i can see you tonight] on the sedimental label.
wooden veil / gloom across the ice [wooden veil] on the dekorder label.

radio playlist, 12 december 2009, ktru fm (rice university radio)

brigitte fontaine
/ le dragon [brigitte fontaine] on the saravah label.
p.m.7/jupiter / pone tala pone (twee sak) [shadow music of thailand] on the sublime frequencies label.
head of wantastiquet / she brings new water [mortagne] on the ecstatic yod label.
kreng / na de sex [l'autopsie phenomenale de dieu] on the miasmah label.
sir valentino con combo esclavos alegres / masters are gone [panama! 3] on the soundway label.

appendix out / frozen blight [the rye bears a poison] on the drag city label.
nomo / ma [invisible cities] on the ubiquity recordings, inc. label.
san ul lim / fireworks [anibeolsseo - ah! already] on the world psychedelia label.
sir richard bishop / ka'an azzaman [the freak of araby] on the drag city label.
hdhairy abou aziz / wenini [give me love: songs of the brokenhearted: baghdad 1925-1929] on the honest jon's label.
mapstation / bells and lions [the africa chamber] on the ~scape label.

espers / another moon song [iii] on the drag city label.
zaimph / a taste for the infinite [serpent's bite] on the heavy blossom label.
diane labrosse / magnetophone a ruban [musique pour objets en voie de disparition] on the ambiances magnetiques label.
yi yi thant & aung helna / good time [princess nicotine: folk and pop music of myanmar] on the sublime frequencies label.
tunng / take [good arrows] on the thrill jockey label.
c.o.b. / music of ages [spirit of love] on the lady eleanore label.

full blast [brotzmann/pliakas/wertmuller] / quarks up/down [black hole] on the atavistic label.
muzsikas / pe loc [the bartok album] on the hannibal label.
israel quellet / pour orgue [soni sclavus] on the sub rosa label.
wire / from the nursery [chairs missing] on the pink flag label.
nisar bazmi / meri marzi main gaoon [the sound of wonder] on the finders keepers label.

yann tiersen & shannon wright / sound the bells [yann tiersen & shannon wright] on the ici d'ailleurs label.
hood / hood is finished [the cycle of days and seasons] on the domino label.
lokai / 4 am [transition] on the thrill jockey label.
nmperign / fault [ommatidia] on the intransitive label.
flower man / close circuit seance [exotic cameo] on the upstairs label.
lydia mendoza / carino ciego [first queen of tejano music] on the arhoolie label.
limbus 4 / heiku [mittens ins ohr] on the ohr label.
valerio cosi / interstellar trane [immortal attitudes] on the foxglove label.

the homosexuals / prestel [an introduction to astral glamour] on the hyped 2 death label.
mogollar / madimak [danses et rythmes de turquie] on the world psychedelia label.
om / cremation ghat ii [god is good] on the drag city label.
matthew welch / blues for seraut [luminosity] on the porter label.
the creation / how does it feel to feel [nuggets ii: original artyfacts from the british empire and beyond 1964-1969] on the rhino label.
henry jacobs / chan [electronic kabuki mambo] on the locust label.
cantonese opera / the moon / two green lotus bitterly imprisoned [springs of time: 78s from the emi archive] on the honest jon's label.

group doueh / beatte harab [treeg salaam] on the sublime frequencies label.
diminished men / cooper's descent [shadow instrumentals] on the abduction label.
sean mccann / sunk eyes [phylum sigh] on the dnt/roll over rover label.
brian lavelle / the red and the white [avalonian] on the apollolaan label.
on / your naked ghost comes back at night and flies around my bed [your naked ghost comes back at night] on the type label.
alexander tucker / husks [portal] on the atp label.
erik enocksson / iii. nox egoque soli [man tanker sitt] on the kning disk label.

after dinner / a walnut [paradise of replica] on the recrec label.
wilmoth houdini / i need a man [poor but ambitious] on the arhoolie label.
lokonon andre & les volcans de la capital / mi kple dogbekpo [african scream contest] on the analog africa label.
rtfo bandwagon / dums will survive [dums will survive] on the dull knife label.

colleen / the zither song [mort aux vaches] on the mort aux vaches label.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

radio playlist, 5 december 2009, ktru fm (rice university radio)

sun ra
/ and otherness [cosmic tones for mental therapy / art forms of dimensions tomorrow] on the evidence label.
andrew paine & richard youngs / they may dismiss you [the great level] on the sonic oyster label.
larkin grimm / blond and golden johns [parplar] on the young god label.
moniek darge / caete [soundies] on the kye label.
christina carter / honey moon [masque femine] on the many breaths label.
anzala, dolor, vélo / ti fi la ou té madam' [tumbélé!] on the soundway label.
diminished men / ask the man who owns one [shadow instrumentals] on the abduction label.

holly golightly / virtually happy [virtually happy] on the damaged goods label.
the super vacations / solid gold [the super vacations] on the shdwply label.
charlie electric guitar band's sound of japan / carnation [singapore a-go-go] on the sublime frequencies label.
chico magnetic band / pop orbite [chico magnetic band] on the no smoke label.
daniel padden / crow crow growth [pause for the jet] on the dekorder label.
john butcher group / untitled 1 [somethingtobesaid] on the weightofwax label.
baldruin / schlaftrunken durch's nebellicht [split with hering und seine sieben sachen] on the sicsic label.

still life / a remedy [lything] on the apollolaan label.
stars of the lid / fac 21 [the tired sounds of] on the kranky label.
omar souleyman / jamila [dabke 2020] on the sublime frequencies label.
nico / all that is my own [desertshore] on the rhino label.
ass / escape from ny (main title) [my get up and go just got up and went] on the headspin label.
michael pisaro / sleeping muse (excerpt) [hearing metal 1] on the editions wandelweiser label.
dave razor / fall [transiscut period 6] on the skullbones and razorblades label.

fabulous diamonds / untitled [fabulous diamonds] on the siltbreeze label.
liliput / die matrosen [liliput] on the kill rock stars label.
deux filles / the snow falls the village is overflowing with children [double happiness] on the samphire label.
lucky dragons / power melody [open power] on the teardrops label.
pere ubu / chinese radiation [the modern dance] on the blank label.
m. jarvis & a. jarvis / tsuki yo [jun] on the ruralfaune label.
husnu orzkartal orkestrasi / su derenin sulari [psych-funk 101 1968-1975 a global psychedelic funk curriculum] on the world psychedelic funk classics label.

tetuzi akiyama, kevin corcoran & christian kiefer / four beams over the wreck [low cloud means death] on the digitalis label.
keiji haino / untitled [watashi dake] on the psf label.
hans reichel / welcome wurgl waltz [shaghaied on tor road] on the fmp label.
zorn & eye / test tube [nani nani] on the tzadik label.
sister ola mae terrell / how long [fire in my bones] on the tompkins square label.

the dentists / strawberries are growing in my garden (and it's wintertime) [some people are on the pitch...] on the rev-ola label.
the marmalade / i see the rain [nuggets ii: original artyfacts from the british empire and beyond 1964-1969] on the rhino label.
helena espvall & masaki batoh / tourdion [overloaded ark] on the drag city label.
belbury poly / time scale [from an ancient star] on the ghost box label.
lau nau / painovoimaa, valoa [nukkuu] on the locust label.
maher shalal hash baz / forgetting [c'est la derniere chanson] on the k label.
samara lubelski / empire's dream [future slip] on the ecstatic peace! label.
dj/rupture and andy moor / is it going [patches] on the unsuitable label.
tonstartssbandht / little april showers [an when] on the does are label.

gabo brown & orchestre poly-rythmo / it's a vanity [african scream contest] on the analog africa label.
the upsetters
/ rejoicing skank [dub echoes] on the soul jazz label.
johnny guitar / lao kratob mai [shadow music of thailand] on the sublime frequencies label.
stephan mathieu / the key to the kingdom pt. 1 [the key to the kingdom] on the dekorder label.
weird weeds / paratrooper seed [hold me] on the zum label.
the aaron sisters with the song-o-paters / how'm i doin'? [flowers in the wildwood: women in early country music] on the trikont label.
nikasaya / dantsuka [one summerheim] on the someone good label.
george "bongo joe" coleman / cool it right [bongo joe] on the arhoolie label.
harappian night recordings / headless mule [the glorious gongs of hainuwele] on the bo'weavil label.

pg six / come in / the winter it is past [the well of memory] on the amish label.
barn owl / the last parade [from our mouths a perpetual light] on the not not fun label.


favorite segues: nothing outstanding, but i enjoyed the aaron sisters -> nikasaya; i also liked moniek darge mixed with christina carter -> the track from tumbélé!

notes: the sad news of guitarist jack rose's death hadn't reached me yet (and may not have even happened yet) when i was on the air. if i had known, i certainly would have paid some sort of unspoken tribute.