Sunday, August 22, 2010

my last three freeform radio shows on the air at 91.7 fm? (playlists from august 7, august 14, & august 21, 2010 on ktru rice university radio)

august 21, 2010

hala strana / cutting durmast [jewelled antler library] on the porter label.

the alps / cloud one [iii] on the type label.
ghost / who found a lost rose in the warship? [lama rabi rabi] on the drag city label.
os mutantes / ave lucifer [ando meio desligado] on the omplatten label.
anton bruhin / schtandi [vom goldabfischer] on the alga marghen label.
ruby vass / old gospel ship [i'll meet you on that other shore] on the mississippi label.
twinsistermoon / with blackened eyes [levels and crossings] on the digitalis label.

rashied ali and frank lowe / duo exchange pt. 2 [new thing!] on the soul jazz label.
brigitte fontaine / il pleut [est...] on the saravah label.
archer prewitt / another peace of mind [gerroa songs] on the carrot top label.
rene hell / prize mischief hold [porcelain opera] on the type label.
augustus pablo / el rockers [el rocker's] on the pressure sounds label.
la vampires and zola jesus / searching [la vampires and zola jesus] on the not not fun label.
after dinner / paradise of replica [paradise of replica] on the recrec label.

omar souleyman / hot il khanjar bi gleibi (stab my heart) [jazeera nights] on the sublime frequencies label.
demdike stare / bardo thodol [liberation through hearing] on the modern love label.
agf / e-disaster 2010 [radio best of 2010] on the agf producktion label.
hype williams / han dynasty pt. 1 [han dynasty] on the de stijl label.
arthur russell / treehouse [the world of arthur russell] on the soul jazz label.

stereo total / holiday innn [juke-box alarm] on the bungalow label.
dara puspita / on vacation [1966-1968] on the sublime frequencies label.
donovan quinn and the 13th month / the door locks itself [your wicked man] on the shrimper label.
the chills / flame thrower [kaleidoscope world] on the homestead label.
the shadow ring / city lights [life review (1993-2003)] on the kye label.
weird weeds / untitled [help me name melody] on the autobus label.

papa charlie jackson / scoodle um skoo [good for what ails you: music of the medicine shows 1926-1937] on the old hat label.
daniel johnston / happy time [fun] on the atlantic label.
daniel padden / the isaac storm pt. 1 [the isaac storm] on the ultra eczema label.
lloyd miller & the heliocentrics / rain dance [s/t] on the strut label.
pentangle / let no man steal your thyme [early classics] on the shanachie label.

apagya show band / mumunde [afrobeat airways: west african shockwaves ghana togo 1972-78] on the analog africa label.
rosa yemen [lizzy mercier descloux] / decryptated [press color] on the ze label.
effi briest / mirror rim [rhizomes] on the sacred bones label.
monks / he went down to the sea [black monk time] on the light in the attic label.
sharades / dumb head [let's go: joe meek's girls] on the rpm label.

alastair galbraith / huxley [morse/gaudylight] on the emperor jones label.
richard youngs / halifax amore [airs of the ear] on the jagjaguwar label.
lickets / they turned our desert into fire [her name came on arrows] on the international corporation label.
sun ra / africa [angels and demons at play / the nubians of plutonia] on the evidence label.
fille qui mousse / magic-bag [se taire pour une femme trop belle] on the fractal label.
kemialliset ystavat / kun mina upoan [kivikasan rauhassa] on the fonal label.

the focus group / hey let loose your love [hey let loose your love] on the ghost box label.
the pretty things / bracelets of fingers [s.f. sorrow] on the snapper label.
julian cope / sunspots [fried] on the mercury [uk] label.
cosmic sound / backyard woods [vhs vision] on the s/r label.
this kind of punishment / from the diary of hermann doubt [a beard of bees] on the ajax label.

ilaiyaraaja / ethanai vagai [wings volume 1] on the rer label.
rudy ventura / yamasuki [absolute belter] on the finders keepers label.
afrirampo / kui! kui! [kore ga mayuku da] on the tzadik label.

buddha on the moon / ashioto (another dream) [between seasons] on the sonic oyster records label.


august 14, 2010

yamasuki / aieaoa [le monde fabuleux de yamasuki] on the finders keepers label.
the lickets / in the garden of the london underground [her name came on arrows] on the international corporation label.
jerusalem and the starbaskets / lion free [battle of the orchids] on the the great pop supplement label.
pascal comelade / patafisikal re-polska [ragazzin' the blues] on the delabel label.
the family elan / the black planets of her eyes [bow low bright glow] on the alt.vinyl label.

3rd generation band / obiye saa wui [afrobeat airways: west african shockwaves ghana togo 1972-78] on the analog africa label.
koes plus / dheg dheg plas [dheg dheg plas & volume two] on the sublime frequencies label.
john lee ziegler / who's gonna be your man [been here all my days] on the mississippi label.
biota / private wire [object holder] on the rer label.
ame son / eclosion (marie aux quatre vents) [the byg deal] on the b-music/finders keepers label.

alastair galbraith / tin town [mass] on the siltbreeze label.
glynis jones / schlum rooli [music from the bbc radiophonic workshop] on the rephlex/bbc label.
monks of the bahill / le premier des cormorans [cormoran sophistry] on the akoustic desease label.
rene hell / c.g. mask [porcelain opera] on the type label.
ras g / discipline 09-4 [el-alylien part 1] on the leaving records label.
the white noise / love without sound [an electric storm] on the island japan label.

weird weeds / a drought [help me name melody] on the autobus label.
catalogue / demnachst mon amour [penetration] on the hat hut label.
ariel pink's haunted graffiti / bright lit blue skies [before today] on the 4ad label.
the muons / space man [jewelled antler library] on the porter label.
lubos fiser / the letter 2 / friends [valerie and her week of wonders ost] on the b-music label.
buddha on the moon / hemlock and thorns [between seasons] on the sonic oyster records label.

lee dorsey & betty harris / love lots of lovin' [new orleans funk] on the soul jazz records label.
naftule brandwein / nifty's freilach [king of the klezmer clarinet] on the rounder label.
uske orchestra / la lechuza (pour itsu et jarin) [niko et la berlue] on the sonig label.
deru / cottonmouth lothario [say goodbye to useless] on the mush label.
glass eye / maggie [huge] on the wrestler label.

still light / a remedy [lything] on the apollolaan label.
fougou / oculus [reversed dreams of this nature] on the ikuisuus label.
the advisory circle / new dimensions in [study series 02: cycles and seasons] on the ghost box label.
googosh / talagh [pomegranates] on the finders keepers label.
philip cohran and the artistic heritage ensemble / the african look [freedom, rhythm & sound] on the soul jazz label.

grass widow / shadow [past time] on the kill rock stars label.
thai thanh / bung sang (dawn) [saigon rock & soul] on the sublime frequencies label.
master musicians of bukkake / white death [the visible sign of the invisible order] on the abduction label.
kurmanjiang / babulao [ethnic minority music of northwest xinjiang, china] on the sublime frequencies label.
birdsongs of the mesozoic / bridge underwater [dawn of the cycads] on the cuneiform label.
tristes tropiques / untitled 2 [b9 bis: belgian cold wave 1979-83] on the ltm label.

phonophani (featuring haco) / gubijinso [kreken] on the rune grammofon label.
the north sea / bloodlines [bloodlines] on the type label.
emeralds / now you see me [does it look like i'm here] on the mego label.
lower dens / completely golden [twin hand movement] on the gnomonsong label.
thirteenth floor elevators / i had to tell you [easter everywhere] on the international artists label.
jackie mittoo / macka fat [macka fat] on the studio one label.

umberto / dream sequence [from the grave] on the sonic meditations label.
acre / jaguar mirror [sacrifice] on the digitalis label.
the cakekitchen / don't be fooled by the label [world of sand] on the homestead label.


august 7, 2010

omar souleyman / dazeitlak dezzelli (i signal, you deny) [jazeera nights] on the sublime frequencies label.
les malas amistades / la maraton de san vito [jardin interior] on the psych-o-path label.
sugar minott / jahovia [sugar minott at studio one] on the soul jazz label.
kemialliset ystavat / silmujen marssi 2 [varisevien tanssi / silmujen marssi] on the lal lal lal label.
heather woods broderick / turned [from the ground] on the preservation label.
thuja / fable 2 (excerpt) [jewelled antler library] on the porter label.

alice coltrane / shiv-loka [journey in satchidananda] on the impulse! label.
espers / another moon song [iii] on the drag city label.
nico / the fairest of the seasons [chelsea girl] on the polydor label.
terry riley / music for the gift, pt. 4 [music for the gift] on the cortical foundation label.
people like us & wobbly / fiction [music for the fire] on the illegal art label.
ass / i've been here [my get up and go just got up and went] on the headspin/static caravan label.

wanda jackson / mean mean man [rockin' in the country] on the rhino label.
dara chom chan / give me one kiss [dengue fever presents electric cambodia] on the minky records label.
les gaiteros de san jacinto from colombia / sigan bailando (keep on dancing) [un fuego de sangre pura] on the smithsonian folkways label.
ddaa / la pluie de mai sur le papier de soie [action et demonstration japonaise] on the fractal label.
rameses iii / matanuska [matanuska] on the music fellowship label.
coconuts / silver lights [s/t] on the no quarter label.

fabulous diamonds / untitled [ii] on the siltbreeze label.
throbbing gristle / hometime [d.o.a.: the third and final report of throbbing gristle] on the mute label.
position normal / bucket wipe [stop your nonsense] on the mind horizon label.
pussy cats / la la lu [ultra chicks, vol. 2: lolita ya-ya!] on the ultra chicks label.
the three o'clock / as real as real [sixteen tambourines / baroque hoedown] on the frontier label.
amen dunes / murder dull mind [murder dull mind] on the locust label.
cyro baptista / coronation of a slave queen [infinito] on the tzadik label.

dry rib / the mouse and the bear [whose last trickle] on the hyped2death label.
belbury poly / rattler's hey [the owl's map] on the ghost box label.
ross bolleter / her long night's festival [night kitchen] on the emanem label.
roedelius / willkommen [lustwandel] on the bureau b label.
slapp happy / the drum [acnalbasac noom] on the rer label.
effi briest / cousins [rhizomes] on the sacred bones label.

evan caminiti / dust [west winds] on the three lobed label.
pan sonic & keiji haino / untitled [shall i download a blackhole and offer it to you] on the blast first (petite) label.
malombo jazz makers / sibathathu [giants, ministers and makers: jazz in south africa 1963-1984] on the strut label.
the attack / colour of my mind [about time!] on the rpm label.
pavement / in the mouth a desert [slanted and enchanted] on the matador label.
andrew paine / sub space divisions [sky station z4: first contact] on the sonic oyster label.
asmus tietchens / s.8 [the year 25] on the korm plastics label.

the paragons / wear you to the ball [let's do rocksteady] on the trojan label.
able tasmans / the cliff [somebody ate my planet] on the flying nun label.
minks / our ritual [ophelia] on the captured tracks label.
fns / i think she's asleep [fns] on the miasmah label.
yellow swans / going places (excerpt) [going places] on the type label.
the budos band / reppirt yad [the budos band iii] on the daptone label.
dolly mixture / miss candy twist [demonstration tapes] on the royal mint label.

onna / were you to become a mother [onna] on the holy mountain label.
kiila / auringonlunta [silmat sulkaset] on the fonal label.
anchiskhati choir / a mercy of peace [polyphonic voices of georgia] on the world audio foundation label.
jozef van wissem / in you dwells the light which never sets [it is all that is made] on the important label.
julian lynch / es's [underwater peoples winter review 2010] on the underwater peoples label.

yuganaut / wrenchwork [sharks] on the engine label.


i am absolutely gutted.

on the evening of august 16th, some deeply upsetting news came to light: rice university was on the brink of selling ktru's fm frequency and transmitter for a mere $9.5 million to the university of houston/kuhf (an npr affiliate), to be used as an all-classical music station. no warning was given, there was essentially no time to organize a plan of action to attempt to block the sale. it was, in effect, already a done deal.

but we're not giving up without a fight.

if you are a supporter of creative radio, please visit there's a link to a petition there, as well as details on other ways to help.

if ktru becomes an internet-only station, i will continue to create freeform radio shows (and continue to be a part of the genetic memory specialty show rotation), if they will have me. i will continue to post playlists (hopefully less sporadically than in the past).

in addition, i hope to make some music mixes inspired by some of my favorite playlists, past & present, and post links to them here. since the audio of my radio shows has not been archived in any accessible way, many people have asked me to do this sort of thing, and i think it's finally time. watch this space...


  1. yer playlists are fire but that's complete weak-sauce! i for one will visit this save the station spot after i finish typing this mess. i too dearly miss the ineffable gratification that only an impeccable set on me own supersweet weekly slot can provide. our station & everything in it was similarly dismissed & sold in an insultingly crude & uncrupulously irreversible fashion, so we trashed the place & i mean we fugged that spot up. juvenile but cathartic. most of the dj's i knew from that period have expired as well, perhaps as a result of being stripped of their therapy & reduced to ack! anyhu, good luck sister. happy to read that ya aint gonna make it easy for these fat fux to fack off another outlet for creativity & camaraderie, the slags. best ~

  2. wow, thanks for your great comment, mr. qaeda. that means a lot. i think you're owl that and more.

  3. Can't say I've seen a better set of songs in one place in a long time.


    For you