Friday, April 9, 2010

radio playlist, 27 march 2010, ktru fm (rice university radio)

ghost / daggma [snuffbox immanence] on the drag city label.
john butcher / a short time to sing [the geometry of sentiment] on the emanem label.
factums / me sing [alien native] on the siltbreeze label.
obeng ungu and jalan buntu with group uang wayang of palembang / maaf! bukan suling-suling [1951: sumantran ladies wearing hats as outlawed by government] on the hot air label.
the thai orchestra / untitled [track 6] [the thai orchestra] on the mississippi label.

mi and l'au / they marry [mi and l'au] on the young god label.
alessandro bosetti / fumatore non fumatore [her name] on the crouton label.
os mutantes / adeus maria fulo [os mutantes] on the omplatten label.
mapstation / mchiki cha [the africa chamber] on the ~scape label.
james knight and the butlers / funky cat [miami sound: rare funk and soul from miami] on the soul jazz label.
silver sand / kaw-liga [thai beat a go-go vol. 1] on the subliminal sounds label.

the child readers / infant wings [music heard far off] on the soft abuse label.
annea lockwood / wine glass [early works 1967-1982] on the em label.
joanna newsom / jackrabbits [have one on me] on the drag city label.
markos vamvakaris / the lifer [mortika: recordings from a greek underground] on the canary label.
flaming tunes / beguiling the hours [flaming tunes] on the life and living label.
the advisory circle / everyday electronics [other channels] on the ghost box label.
john baker / look and read [the john baker tapes volume one: bbc radiophonics rare and unreleased workshop recordings 1963-1974] on the trunk label.

mohammad nouri / biya bar-e safar bandim [pomegranates] on the finders keepers label.
jacques berrocal / dominique coster / roger ferlet / leila concerto [musiq musique] on the futura/fractal label.
lone ranger / m16 [dancehall] on the soul jazz label.
inuit vocal game singers / pirqusiqtuk [inuit du caribou, netsilik et igloolik] on the ocora label.
eric la casa / do you speak bees? [zone sensible 2/ dundee 2] on the room 40 label.
anchiskhati choir / alilo ver. 2 [polyphonic voices of georgia] on the world audio foundation label.

the goner / heaven send you love [behold a new traveler] on the deep water acres label.
van shipley / ghar ki murgi [bollywood steel guitar] on the sublime frequencies label.
nurse with wound / nana or a thing of uncommon nonsense [automating vol. one] on the united dairies label.
oneohtrix point never / eyeballs [rifts] on the no fun productions label.
der plan / 4 stapfen im schnee [geri reig / normalette surprise] on the ata tak label.
the one ensemble / horsehead waltz [wayward the fourth] on the secret eye label.

galaxie 500 / cheese and onions [uncollected galaxie 500] on the ryko label.
ersen / kozan dagi [ersen] on the finders keepers label.
the lines / white night [memory span] on the acute label.
white magic / the light [dat rosa mel apibus] on the drag city label.
topmost / the end [psychedelic phinland] on the love label.
myrmyr / baltic winds [the amber sea] on the digitalis label.

harmonia / kekse [deluxe] on the brain/lilith label.
vert [remixing louis moholo & stan tracey] / all these things i know [new thing at novara] on the sonig records label.
chris corsano / how should you throw it on other occasions? [the young cricketer] on the family vineyard label.
the monks / shut up [black monk time] on the infinite zero label.
dungen / stock och sten [stadsvandringar] on the subliminal sounds label.
simeon jacob / ashir lael [shir hodu - jewish song from bombay] on the renair label.

appendix out / the seven widows (the sprigs of night) [the night is advancing] on the drag city label.
13th floor elevators / reverberation (doubt) [the psychedelic sounds of...] on the decal label.
om / cremation ghat i [god is good] on the drag city label.
ian hawgood / sulci [snow roads] on the dragon's eye label.


original image from the excellent a journey round my skull blog

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