Friday, April 16, 2010

genetic memory radio playlist, 12 april 2010, ktru rice university radio

dylan nyoukis and jaap blonk / ballerman (pause take) [dubbeltwee] on the ecstatic peace! label.
ghédalia tazartès / untitled [track 12] [repas froid] on the tanzprocesz label.
étant donnés / le soleil, la mer, le coeur et les étoiles [l'autre rive / le sens positif] on the staalplaat label.
richard youngs & andrew paine / voidprint [roman concrete: volume i] on the sonic oyster label.
audrey chen & robert van heumen / bloodknot [abattoir] on the evil rabbit label.
child bride / rabbit moon [reflections on prism city] on the blackest rainbow label.
joji yuasa / aoi no ue (extract) [aoi no ue] on the edition omega point label.
john hegre / ka [the comfort of objects] on the [ohm] label.
unknown singers/speakers-in-tongue / pentecost community, oklahoma [okkulte stimmen - mediale musik: recordings of unseen intelligences] on the supposé label.
metal rouge / love, awaken [three for malachi ritscher] on the root strata label.
l.o.s.d. / part 2 [mort aux vaches] on the staalplaat label.
pierre yves macé / la pratique quotidienne de l'utopie [passagenweg] on the broccoli label.
the caretaker / you and the night [selected memories from the haunted ballroom] on the v/vm test label.
black to comm / rauschen [alphabet 1968] on the type label.
duncan cameron / journey [a horseback ride to the temple of montu] on the tanzprocesz label.
anne gillis / commentaraportion [rementact] on the rangehen label.
brendan murray and seth nehil / clothes tear [sillage] on the sedimental label.
alistair crosbie / wave 7, wave 8, wave 9 [this quiet house (the lonesome age of mirrors - volume 1)] on the lefthand pressings label.
xenis emputae tavelling band / rorasa [the pyrognomic glass] on the memoirs of an aesthete label.
robert hampson / ahead - only the stars [vectors] on the touch label.
coum transmissions / welcome to the alien camp [the sound of porridge bubbling] on the dais label.
marina rosenfeld / the conversation [plastic materials] on the room40 label.
von himmel / astronomer [space communion] on the sloow tapes label.
a handful of dust / masonic inborn (parts 2 & 3) [killing capitalism with kindness] on the turbulence/xpressway label.
seht & stelzer / untitled [track 4] [exactly what you lost] on the intransitive label.
stahlgren & ferguson / void: stereotype plus - polarity ink squash [printing with magnetic inks] on the hot air label.


my portion (roughly an hour and 40 minutes' worth) of the genetic memory radio program on ktru.

as hk's curated blend of lush drones was drawing to a close with "ione" from oliveros, dempster & panaiotis' "deep listening" cd, i started in with some strange vocal sounds, warped ballroom melodies, ritual atmospheres, and transmissions from outer space.

as usual, this was one continuous mix, with several tracks blending with/overlapping each other.

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