Wednesday, July 21, 2010

radio playlist 10 july 2010, ktru fm (rice university radio)

alastair galbraith / something happened [orb] on the nextbestway label.
popoff tuesday / 6/8 sutra [pop ahoy!] on the pickled egg label.
the method actors / my time [this is still it] on the acute records label.
fifty foot hose / if not this time [cauldron] on the big beat label.
eric zann / voolas [ouroborindra] on the ghost box label.

nubar bey & ibrahim bey / hicazkar pesrev [to scratch your heart: early recordings from istanbul] on the honest jon's label.
taj mahal travellers / 1 (excerpt) [august 1974] on the p-vine label.
clarinette / pointillistic nature [haze] on the ecstatic peace / father yod label.
pigeons / missing you [si faustine] on the olde english spelling bee label.
red chair fadeaway / happy with your lot [mesmerised] on the english garden label.
keith fullerton whitman / generator 6 [generator] on the root strata label.

les loups noirs d'haiti / jet biguine [tumbele] on the soundway label.
paul dunmall & chris corsano / identical sunsets [identical sunsets] on the esp-disk label.
svarte greiner / the boat was my friend [knive] on the type label.
soli / miravi [pomegranates] on the finders keepers label.
forest swords / hoylake mist [dagger paths] on the olde english spelling bee label.
la vampires and zola jesus / in the desert [la vampires and zola jesus] on the not not fun label.

shop assistants / somewhere in china [shop assistants] on the overground label.
effi briest / shards [rhizomes] on the sacred bones label.
israel quellet / pour orgue et percussions [soni sclavus] on the sub rosa label.
anibal velasquez y su conjunto / mi cumbia [mambo loco] on the analog africa label.
daniel johnston / jelly beans [fun] on the atlantic label.
indian jewelry / west alabama [fake and cheap] on the deleted art label.

ross bolleter / goya's dog [night kitchen] on the emanem label.
kemialliset ystavat / gelsomiinan naama [alkuharka] on the fonal label.
woods / from the horn [at echo lake] on the woodsist label.
louvin brothers / i'll never go back [goodbye, babylon] on the dust-to-digital label.
pelt / actias luna chase, or moth navigation [hand/eye] on the hand/eye (dark holler) label.
malombo / sangoma [next stop soweto, vol. 3: giants, ministers and makers: jazz in south africa 1963-1984] on the strut label.

neu! / isi [neu 75] on the gronland label.
seht & stelzer / part 3 [exactly what you lost] on the intransitive label.
john butcher / 1st zizoku [the geometry of sentiment] on the emanem label.
oval / oh! [oh] on the thrill jockey label.
nikasaya / cream pan [one summerheim] on the someone good label.
ly ngua o / vo' chong lam bieng [ho! #1 - roady music from vietnam] on the trikont label.
kouhei matsunaga / huui [self va.] on the important label.

the fall / gramme friday [totally wired] on the sanctuary label.
racoo-oo-oon / under the deck [the cave of spirits forever] on the time-lag label.
stock, hausen & walkman / vtol [organ transplants] on the hot air label.
omar souleyman / il raja behawakom [jazeera nights] on the sublime frequencies label.
alice / que pouvons-nous faire ensemble? [the byg deal] on the finders keepers label.
magic lantern / cypress [platoon] on the not not fun label.

richard skelton / scar tissue [landings] on the type label.
alessandro bosetti / laida and mikel looking for rhymes (basque) [zwolfzungen: 12 portraits of langues i don't understand] on the sedimental label.
richard youngs / wynding hills of maine [may] on the jagjaguwar label.
richard davies / chips rafferty [there's never been a crowd like this] on the flydaddy label.
fabulous diamonds / untitled [fabulous diamonds] on the siltbreeze label.
arnold dreyblatt / group velocity [animal magnetism] on the tzadik label.

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