Saturday, December 26, 2009

genetic memory radio playlist, 14 december 2009, ktru fm (rice university radio)

andrew liles
/ ether reel [my long accumulating discontent] on the nextera label.
starving weirdos / cypress groves [father guru] on the azul discografica label.
andre almuro / mantra 107 [musiques experimentales] on the disques ades / creel pone label.
nurse with wound [**request**] / mourning smiles [drunk with the old man of the mountains] on the jnana label.
israel quellet / pour orgue, voix [soni sclavus] on the sub rosa label.
rudi arapahoe / vulture phantasy [echoes from one to another] on the symbolic interaction label.
brian lavelle / star temple of avalon [avalonian] on the apollolaan label.
the blue tree / church of wattle [the blue tree] on the blackest rainbow label.
brian lavelle & andrew paine / hbdp [the continuing saga of the visiting kitten] on the sonic dust label.
john davis / imagined occasions [there's always tomorrow] on the students of decay label.
richard youngs / you don't [sleep deprivation 7"] on the five minute association label.
kuupuu / pollon pentu [lumen tadhen] on the time-lag label.
peter hammill / the moebius loop [loops and reels] on the fie! label.
africa germany germany mexico turkey australia / neglected harem [africa germany germany mexico turkey australia] on the olde english spelling bee label.
tom fazzini / yawnings in the awnings [neck to neck] on the locust label.
maciunas ensemble / bottled voices [number made audible] on the het apollohuis label.
bokar rimpoche / mahakala ceremony [sacred chants & tibetan rituals from the monastery of mirik] on the sub rosa label.
arrington de dionyso / mani malaikat window [malaikat dan singa] on the k label.
noveller / white rabbit [colorful disturbances] on the divorce label.
diane labrosse, ikue mori & martin tetrault / lactea via [ile bizarre] on the ambiances magnetiques label.
mama baer / alcoholisme - brut 2 [amerikanische poesie und alkoholismus] on the feeding tube label.
part wild horses mane on both sides / grapes engraved [bataille de battle] on the singing knives label.
bright duplex / the lady is waiting [strawberry trust] on the thor's rubber hammer label.
deux filles / tongues [double happiness] on the samphire label.
evan miller / marvel of creatures and strange things existing [transfigurations on lap-steel guitar] on the arbor label.
bhob rainey & ralf wehowsky / re: hi! [i don't think i can see you tonight] on the sedimental label.
wooden veil / gloom across the ice [wooden veil] on the dekorder label.

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