Sunday, December 6, 2009

radio playlist, 5 december 2009, ktru fm (rice university radio)

sun ra
/ and otherness [cosmic tones for mental therapy / art forms of dimensions tomorrow] on the evidence label.
andrew paine & richard youngs / they may dismiss you [the great level] on the sonic oyster label.
larkin grimm / blond and golden johns [parplar] on the young god label.
moniek darge / caete [soundies] on the kye label.
christina carter / honey moon [masque femine] on the many breaths label.
anzala, dolor, vélo / ti fi la ou té madam' [tumbélé!] on the soundway label.
diminished men / ask the man who owns one [shadow instrumentals] on the abduction label.

holly golightly / virtually happy [virtually happy] on the damaged goods label.
the super vacations / solid gold [the super vacations] on the shdwply label.
charlie electric guitar band's sound of japan / carnation [singapore a-go-go] on the sublime frequencies label.
chico magnetic band / pop orbite [chico magnetic band] on the no smoke label.
daniel padden / crow crow growth [pause for the jet] on the dekorder label.
john butcher group / untitled 1 [somethingtobesaid] on the weightofwax label.
baldruin / schlaftrunken durch's nebellicht [split with hering und seine sieben sachen] on the sicsic label.

still life / a remedy [lything] on the apollolaan label.
stars of the lid / fac 21 [the tired sounds of] on the kranky label.
omar souleyman / jamila [dabke 2020] on the sublime frequencies label.
nico / all that is my own [desertshore] on the rhino label.
ass / escape from ny (main title) [my get up and go just got up and went] on the headspin label.
michael pisaro / sleeping muse (excerpt) [hearing metal 1] on the editions wandelweiser label.
dave razor / fall [transiscut period 6] on the skullbones and razorblades label.

fabulous diamonds / untitled [fabulous diamonds] on the siltbreeze label.
liliput / die matrosen [liliput] on the kill rock stars label.
deux filles / the snow falls the village is overflowing with children [double happiness] on the samphire label.
lucky dragons / power melody [open power] on the teardrops label.
pere ubu / chinese radiation [the modern dance] on the blank label.
m. jarvis & a. jarvis / tsuki yo [jun] on the ruralfaune label.
husnu orzkartal orkestrasi / su derenin sulari [psych-funk 101 1968-1975 a global psychedelic funk curriculum] on the world psychedelic funk classics label.

tetuzi akiyama, kevin corcoran & christian kiefer / four beams over the wreck [low cloud means death] on the digitalis label.
keiji haino / untitled [watashi dake] on the psf label.
hans reichel / welcome wurgl waltz [shaghaied on tor road] on the fmp label.
zorn & eye / test tube [nani nani] on the tzadik label.
sister ola mae terrell / how long [fire in my bones] on the tompkins square label.

the dentists / strawberries are growing in my garden (and it's wintertime) [some people are on the pitch...] on the rev-ola label.
the marmalade / i see the rain [nuggets ii: original artyfacts from the british empire and beyond 1964-1969] on the rhino label.
helena espvall & masaki batoh / tourdion [overloaded ark] on the drag city label.
belbury poly / time scale [from an ancient star] on the ghost box label.
lau nau / painovoimaa, valoa [nukkuu] on the locust label.
maher shalal hash baz / forgetting [c'est la derniere chanson] on the k label.
samara lubelski / empire's dream [future slip] on the ecstatic peace! label.
dj/rupture and andy moor / is it going [patches] on the unsuitable label.
tonstartssbandht / little april showers [an when] on the does are label.

gabo brown & orchestre poly-rythmo / it's a vanity [african scream contest] on the analog africa label.
the upsetters
/ rejoicing skank [dub echoes] on the soul jazz label.
johnny guitar / lao kratob mai [shadow music of thailand] on the sublime frequencies label.
stephan mathieu / the key to the kingdom pt. 1 [the key to the kingdom] on the dekorder label.
weird weeds / paratrooper seed [hold me] on the zum label.
the aaron sisters with the song-o-paters / how'm i doin'? [flowers in the wildwood: women in early country music] on the trikont label.
nikasaya / dantsuka [one summerheim] on the someone good label.
george "bongo joe" coleman / cool it right [bongo joe] on the arhoolie label.
harappian night recordings / headless mule [the glorious gongs of hainuwele] on the bo'weavil label.

pg six / come in / the winter it is past [the well of memory] on the amish label.
barn owl / the last parade [from our mouths a perpetual light] on the not not fun label.


favorite segues: nothing outstanding, but i enjoyed the aaron sisters -> nikasaya; i also liked moniek darge mixed with christina carter -> the track from tumbélé!

notes: the sad news of guitarist jack rose's death hadn't reached me yet (and may not have even happened yet) when i was on the air. if i had known, i certainly would have paid some sort of unspoken tribute.

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