Saturday, December 26, 2009

radio playlist, 12 december 2009, ktru fm (rice university radio)

brigitte fontaine
/ le dragon [brigitte fontaine] on the saravah label.
p.m.7/jupiter / pone tala pone (twee sak) [shadow music of thailand] on the sublime frequencies label.
head of wantastiquet / she brings new water [mortagne] on the ecstatic yod label.
kreng / na de sex [l'autopsie phenomenale de dieu] on the miasmah label.
sir valentino con combo esclavos alegres / masters are gone [panama! 3] on the soundway label.

appendix out / frozen blight [the rye bears a poison] on the drag city label.
nomo / ma [invisible cities] on the ubiquity recordings, inc. label.
san ul lim / fireworks [anibeolsseo - ah! already] on the world psychedelia label.
sir richard bishop / ka'an azzaman [the freak of araby] on the drag city label.
hdhairy abou aziz / wenini [give me love: songs of the brokenhearted: baghdad 1925-1929] on the honest jon's label.
mapstation / bells and lions [the africa chamber] on the ~scape label.

espers / another moon song [iii] on the drag city label.
zaimph / a taste for the infinite [serpent's bite] on the heavy blossom label.
diane labrosse / magnetophone a ruban [musique pour objets en voie de disparition] on the ambiances magnetiques label.
yi yi thant & aung helna / good time [princess nicotine: folk and pop music of myanmar] on the sublime frequencies label.
tunng / take [good arrows] on the thrill jockey label.
c.o.b. / music of ages [spirit of love] on the lady eleanore label.

full blast [brotzmann/pliakas/wertmuller] / quarks up/down [black hole] on the atavistic label.
muzsikas / pe loc [the bartok album] on the hannibal label.
israel quellet / pour orgue [soni sclavus] on the sub rosa label.
wire / from the nursery [chairs missing] on the pink flag label.
nisar bazmi / meri marzi main gaoon [the sound of wonder] on the finders keepers label.

yann tiersen & shannon wright / sound the bells [yann tiersen & shannon wright] on the ici d'ailleurs label.
hood / hood is finished [the cycle of days and seasons] on the domino label.
lokai / 4 am [transition] on the thrill jockey label.
nmperign / fault [ommatidia] on the intransitive label.
flower man / close circuit seance [exotic cameo] on the upstairs label.
lydia mendoza / carino ciego [first queen of tejano music] on the arhoolie label.
limbus 4 / heiku [mittens ins ohr] on the ohr label.
valerio cosi / interstellar trane [immortal attitudes] on the foxglove label.

the homosexuals / prestel [an introduction to astral glamour] on the hyped 2 death label.
mogollar / madimak [danses et rythmes de turquie] on the world psychedelia label.
om / cremation ghat ii [god is good] on the drag city label.
matthew welch / blues for seraut [luminosity] on the porter label.
the creation / how does it feel to feel [nuggets ii: original artyfacts from the british empire and beyond 1964-1969] on the rhino label.
henry jacobs / chan [electronic kabuki mambo] on the locust label.
cantonese opera / the moon / two green lotus bitterly imprisoned [springs of time: 78s from the emi archive] on the honest jon's label.

group doueh / beatte harab [treeg salaam] on the sublime frequencies label.
diminished men / cooper's descent [shadow instrumentals] on the abduction label.
sean mccann / sunk eyes [phylum sigh] on the dnt/roll over rover label.
brian lavelle / the red and the white [avalonian] on the apollolaan label.
on / your naked ghost comes back at night and flies around my bed [your naked ghost comes back at night] on the type label.
alexander tucker / husks [portal] on the atp label.
erik enocksson / iii. nox egoque soli [man tanker sitt] on the kning disk label.

after dinner / a walnut [paradise of replica] on the recrec label.
wilmoth houdini / i need a man [poor but ambitious] on the arhoolie label.
lokonon andre & les volcans de la capital / mi kple dogbekpo [african scream contest] on the analog africa label.
rtfo bandwagon / dums will survive [dums will survive] on the dull knife label.

colleen / the zither song [mort aux vaches] on the mort aux vaches label.

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