Saturday, November 28, 2009

radio playlist, 28 november 2009, ktru fm (rice university radio)

this heat / health & efficiency [health & efficiency ep/out of cold storage] on the this is/rer label.
bergendy / hétköznapi balladak [well hung] on the finders-keepers label.
aaron martin / shot tower [grass wounds] on the under the spire label.

dizzy gillespie / manteca theme [afro] on the norgran/verve label.
the barbecues / aaya lolo [ghana special] on the soundway label.
pierre bastien / aiguise l'aire de cette île [eggs air sister steel] on the in-poly-sons label.
richard youngs / all day monday and tuesday [under stellar stream] on the jagjaguwar label.
grouper / pale through [tsuki no seika, vol 1] on the root strata label.
kuupuu / sula [lumen tadhen] on the time-lag label.

lim ling and the silvertones / my unrequited love for you [singapore a-go-go] on the sublime frequencies label.
performing ferrets / howler monkey [no one told us] on the hyped 2 death label.
elfin saddle / temple daughter [ringing for the begin again] on the constellation label.
neu / cassetto [neu 2] on the gronland label.
cones / ran style [ice skating elephants] on the ikuissus label.
alastair galbraith / mrs. blucher [morse and gaudylight] on the emperor jones/trance syndicate label.
mcdonald and giles / flight of the ibis [mcdonald and giles] on the atlantic japan label.

fela kuti / water get no enemy [the best of the black president] on the kalakuta sunrise label.
samandtheplants / the eft [the eft] on the twisted nerve/finders keepers label.
ervena orgaeva / kotush [bardic divas: women's voices in central asia] on the smithsonian folkways label.
hattie hart / coldest stuff in town [memphis jamboree 1927-1936] on the yazoo label.
acid mothers temple and the melting paraiso u.f.o. / sorcerer's stone of the magi [lord of the underground: vishnu and magic elixir] on the alien8 label.
the open mind / magic potion [nuggets ii: original artyfacts from the british empire and beyond] on the rhino label.

bonnie prince billy / nomadic revery (all around) [i see a darkness] on the palace label.
songs of green pheasant / stars form birds [aerial days] on the fatcat label.
graham lambkin / copy copy [softly softly, copy copy] on the kye label.
the valerie project / dove, pearl, priest [the valerie project] on the drag city label.
watusi / oi gere [black rio 2] on the strut label.
abner jay / my mule [true story of abner jay] on the mississippi label.

cedric brooks / ethiopia [studio one rockers] on the soul jazz label.
om / cremation ghat i [god is good] on the drag city label.
velvet cactus society / can i borrow your baby [26 songs] on the shimmy disc label.
hu min-hong / dark sky [lao kou kou: 60s songs from taiwan] on the exoticaring label.
twinsistermoon / unseen seen [the hollow mountain] on the blackest rainbow label.
moniek darge / fairy tale [soundies] on the kye label.

methodishca tune / leisuretime [messthetics 107: diy london iii, '78-81] on the hyped 2 death label.
zelienople / all i want is calm [give it up] on the type label.
idea fire company / port lligat [lessons about history] on the spinny's disks label.
acre / untitled 3 [isolationist] on the isoundercore label.
sore & steal / echoes from a retromingent planet [many moons a go-go] on the lime stereo label.
es / les fleurs sont des bonnes auditrices [a love cycle] on the fonal label.
antonia leukers / bunny's dream [hasenlove] on the dekorder label.

discafric band / houiou djin nan zon aklumon [african scream contest] on the analog africa label.
shafiq husayn / the odd is c [shafiq en' a-free-ka] on the plug research label.
elder samuel patterson & the christian crusaders / this train [fire in my bones] on the tompkins square label.

man city lion / tid lom ta lai [thai pop spectacular] on the sublime frequencies label.


favorite segues: alastair galbraith -> mcdonald and giles; cedric brooks -> om.

notes: my penultimate set (well, penultimate full set, i mean) featured a palimpsest involving idea fire company, acre, sore & steal and es. it kind of worked and was especially interesting when the sore & steal and es tracks were brought into the mix. i am so happy that ktru is getting releases from graham lambkin's kye label. are we actually getting promo service from kye? if so, that is amazingly cool. i love that mcdonald and giles track so much it almost hurts.

palimpsest photo taken in galveston, texas.


  1. i'm afraid we're not actually getting service from kye. i have a spare copy of 'salmon run' i've been considering reviewing, though.


  2. ah, thanks for the explanation, mark. i'm quite sure, then, that you're responsible for "life review" and "the breadwinner" making their way into the station's stacks as well. thanks so much. ktru would not be the same without you, and i mean that very sincerely.