Friday, November 13, 2009

down the garden path

i found this vintage photo buried beneath some cardboard in a thrift shop picture frame. it seemed like an appropriate image to start with. the beginning of a journey.

i find social networking sites to be strangely alienating. i enjoy sharing photos/videos/thoughts/etc. on sites like facebook, but i tend to (rather irrationally) take it personally if no one expresses any interest in them. here i have no expectations that anyone will ever look at anything i post. i'll just assume that no one ever will and be pleasantly surprised if someone ever does.

it will simply become my online scrapbook of things i love: e.g., pictures of various "treasures"/oddities that i've acquired in thrift shops; musings on the strange and wonderful music that makes my world go 'round; my radio show playlists; links to my favorite videos on youtube; and of course whatever else strikes my fancy.

it's by me, it's for me. and if anyone else wants to take a peek, well, that's fine, too.

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