Saturday, November 14, 2009

radio cd review time

pretty excited about the three cd's i checked out at the radio station this morning:

v/a - "ghana special: modern highlife, afro-sounds & ghanian blues - 1968 81" (soundway)
the lickets - "they turned our desert into fire" (international corporation)
arrington de dionyso - "malaikat dan singa" (k).

i'll be writing up reviews of them shortly.

i'd be willing to bet that the soundway compilation is ace all the way through, as soundway's releases are always impeccably curated. and of course the hardback case-bound booklet is chockablock with gorgeous artist and record sleeve photos as well as great liner notes.

i haven't heard much by the lickets yet, but so far it sounds like lovely stuff.

and i'm quite taken by the arrington de dionyso. i was expecting more "breath of fire"-type experiments, but no. the experimentation is still there, but it's incorporated into more song-based pieces (a la old time relijun), sung entirely in indonesian. i've only dipped my toe in so far, but it sounds deeply groovy and deliciously intense.

here's the official video for "mani malaikat," just posted a week and a half ago. delicious.

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