Saturday, November 21, 2009

radio playlist, 21 november 2009, ktru fm (rice university radio)

elise deshotel & the louisiana rhythmaires w/dewey balfa
/ la valse de bon baurche [cajun honky tonk: the khoury recordings - the early 50s] on the arhoolie label.
black forest / black sea / blackbird on a gray sky [black forest / black sea] on the last visible dog / secret eye label.
reiko + tori kudo / father [light] on the siwa label.

omar khorshid / rakset et fadaa [psych-funk 101] on the world psychedelic funk classics label.
paavoharju / tuoksu tarttuu meihin [laulu laakson kukista] on the fonal label.
vashti bunyan / winter is blue [some things just stick in your mind] on the dichristina label.
idea fire company / wunderwaffen [lessons about history] on the spinny's discs label.
23 skidoo / kongo do [urban gamelan] on the ronin label.
full blast / suzy [black hole] on the atavistic label.

los destellos / a patricia [the roots of chicha] on the barbes label.
lolitas / les cactus [fusee d'amour] on the new rose label.
hornet leg / i'm leaving you [ribbon of fear] on the k records label.
loosers / the cops protect you [otha goat head] on the open field label.
soul apollo with frederick clarke / chombo pa' la tienda [panama! 3!] on the soundway label.
the desperate bicycles / grief is very private [grief is very private 7"] on the refill label.
dong rong and the stylers / you are a heartless person [singapore a-go-go] on the sublime frequencies label.
arrington de dionyso / nama bersembunyi [malaikat dan singa] on the k label.
catalogue / stop stress/ultim arlene [pénétration] on the hat hut label.

area c / meeting mid-air [charmed birds vs. sorcery] on the students of decay label.
belbury poly / thorn [the willows] on the ghost box label.
the watersons / idumea [frost and fire] on the topic label.
phosphor / pt 2 [ii] on the potlatch label.
elm / fog water shroud [woven into light] on the blackest rainbow label.
mita stoicheva / trima bratya dyulgeri [song of the crooked dance: early bulgarian traditional music] on the yazoo label.
alan sondheim and myk freedman / track d [julu twine] on the porter label.

willie williams / keep on moving [studio one rub-a-dub] on the soul jazz label.
m. ashraf / pyar ka koee shola [the sound of wonder] on the finders keepers label.
broadcast / the book lovers [the book lovers ep] on the duophonic label.
rameses iii / no water, no moon [i could not love you more] on the type label.
rival consoles / indie is dead [helvetica] on the erased tapes label.
james polk & the brothers / power struggle [texas funk: black gold from the lone star state 1968-1975] on the jazzman/ now-again label.

chaan siang phin w/ mon siang phin / wasana gam par [molam: thai country groove from isan] on the sublime frequencies label.
amon düül ii / she came through the chimney [yeti] on the repertoire label.
os brazoes / tao longe de mim [os brazoes] on the rge/som livre label.
jean claude vannier / l'enfant assassin des mouches [l'enfant assassin des mouches] on the b-music/finders keepers label.
stellari string quartet / sterope [gocce stellari] on the emanem label.
stellar om source / the source pilot [rise in planes] on the black dirt label.
pulga / return to the forest of shoes [pulga loves you] on the fire museum label.

linda perhacs / chimacum rain [parallelograms] on the guerssen label.
damon and naomi / judah and the maccabees [damon and naomi with ghost] on the sub pop label.
alan courtis / part iii [antiguos dolmenes del paleolitico] on the sedimental label.
brian harnetty / i was interested in the story you just told me about the funeral [american winter] on the atavistic label.
p.m.7/jupiter / susie wong [shadow music of thailand] on the sublime frequencies label.

borbetomagus / concordat 5 [borbetomagus] on the agaric label.


favorite segues: i wasn't really in "the zone" until the third hour, so probably none. maybe, if pressed, i'd say linda perhacs -> damon and naomi. i seem to remember that one being a rather pretty transition. also it wasn't exactly a segue (more of a "blending"), but alan courtis' controlled feedback layered nicely with the brian harnetty piece.

notes: how i love my molam. i must somehow get my hands on thai country groove, volume 2. 23 skidoo's "kongo do" is even better than i remembered. i loved the raw, theatrical calypso piece from the panama 3! compilation on soundway; the label's highly detailed liner notes make it even more fun to listen to. finally, one can never go wrong with the watersons, especially their haunting version of "idumea."

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  1. I'll always have love for KTRU deejays. They got me away from nu metal during my late-90s teenage years. Will definitely be keeping track of this blog!