Thursday, November 19, 2009

a frolic through the nww list, part 1: the letter a

i had itunes on shuffle this afternoon and happened upon an odd little track by mama dada 1919. a quick google search revealed that mama dada 1919's only known release--a 1979 7" ep entitled slits, quick--held a place on the prestigious and legendary nurse with wound list.

since this was quite an obscurity, i started wondering just how many of the artists on the nurse with wound list i had in my itunes library. starting with the letter "a", i began to compile a playlist. delighted to find that i had almost all of the "a" artists already in itunes, i stopped there and did what i almost always do--i made a mix:

archaïa - le grand secret (archaïa 1977)
arcane v - abricot - suivi de danserie (marron dingue 1979)
agitation free - ala tul (malesch 1972)
pekka airaksinen - fos 2 (one point music 1972)
ash ra tempel - schizo (starring rosi 1973)
anal magic & rev. dwight frizzell - how to avoid simultaneity (black crack and the sole survivors, 1975, included as extra track cd reissue of beyond the black crack)
anima - how to dream (stürmischer himmel 1971)
archimedes badkar - thumb piano music (tre 1977)
älgarnas trädgård - viriditas (framtiden är ett svävande skepp, förankrat i forntiden 1972)
ame son - eclosion / marie aux quatre vents (catalyse 1970)
art zoyd - les fourmis (symphonie pour le jour où bruleront les cités 1976)
aksal maboul - tous les trucs qu'il y a là dehors (onze danses pour combattre la migraine 1977)
amon düül - eternal flow (eternal flow/paramechanical world single 1970, included as extra track on cd reissue of paradieswarts düül)
annexus quam - osmose i (osmose 1970)
arbete och fritid - knoga och knega (se upp för livet 1977)
alternative tv - vibing up the senile man (vibing up the senile man 1978)
albrecht/d. - instant life / instant love / instant death (abstract energy 1985)
amon düül ii - cerberus (yeti 1970)
alvaro - pallido sol (drinkin my own sperm 1977)
archaïa - mass confusa (archaïa 1977)
amm - what is there in uselessness to cause you distress (ammmusic 1966, extra track on cd reissue)

i'm just listening to it now and really enjoying it. it's just a hair over 80 minutes in length now, so when i properly mix it down, it will easily fit on a single cd-r for my (and hk's) car-listening pleasure.

i couldn't decide between two archaïa tracks--the lovably wacky (and slightly scary) "le grand secret" or the clearer nww antecedent, "mass confusa"--so i decided to include both.

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  1. I haven't heard most of these artists ! Do have an Art Zoyd 7", and one by Alvaro (great !); some ATV of course, and that Aksak Maboul L.P. - that's about it ! I was never a NWW obsessive, trying out all the things they recommended...